Practical Actual Scenarios

Okay, I want to make it clear. So let’s give an example. Let’s say that some feeling of anxiety and stress come up and it’s before like a meeting for, you have to give a presentation at work or something, right. So what’s the practical thing to do? Right? I know I said, we do nothing. But what’s the practical thing to do? So, what I invite you to do is to first what you want to do, if you can find a spot to to sit down, or you don’t even have to sit down and just close your eyes. Because if you close your eyes, you’re going to limit the distractibility. So at the start, at least, just close your eyes, because you limit your distractibility, you’re able to focus more, more clearly on the sensations. You can maybe have some silence around you. Anyway. So close your eyes and focus on the sensations themselves. You’ll pure radical experience, be radically truthful with yourself and say, What am I actually experiencing not What am I thinking? I’m excited. Balancing, but one of my truthfully experiencing and be with that, pour all your attention on to that and just be with it, be with it as it is and ride it. Like keep your attention pinpoint focus on that. And if it wavers, then that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just how it is and you like are trying to change it. You just bring your focus back. And you just bring your focus back and bring your focus back as many times as it takes. Whatever it takes is whatever it takes. And that’s all and you’re, you’re focused on the willingness to just be with things as they are to be with things as they are. That’s all and ignoring your imagination. So anytime you’re in imagination, just recognize it, bring yourself back to the sensations recognize it, bring yourself back to the sensations and sooner or later you’ll become very good at this and you’ll be able to do it now in the case of the Have the meeting, which you might notice is that by bandwidth sensation by getting to that space where you’re happily allowing things to be as they are going to call force, this, just sort of allow this to happen. You hold that intention in the back of your mind. And you just kind of be with things. And however they are, you know, and you allow it to unfold as it does. By being in that space, you’ll disappear. You’re allowing, again, you’re pouring the lid of stuff that’s already coming up, and you’re letting it come out. So that you’re, you’re writing out the experience. And that way you can actually disappear stress and get it out of your system before you go do the, the speech or whatever you got to do. So you just be with that kind of compose yourself. There’s no breathing mechanisms or anything. It’s just literally just being with your experiencing being with your experience, being willing to experience it out. ignoring us. thoughts. And, you know, if you still have some residual stuff as you go up to the meeting, then again, remember what you can control what you can’t control. Remember that those are just sensations, what you’re experiencing, they’re just sensations and that you have the power to happily be with their sensations and happily go about your business. However you would write and be grateful about the sensation that they call you up, you know, whatever is natural, whatever is natural, to force anything back, I am grateful. Just whatever is natural, it is natural. If you have a heartbeat if you have a high heartbeat, there might be a lot of Fianna. For me it was feel with having a really high heartbeat. Maybe it’s a bit embarrassing. I think that’s maybe how I saw it. But anyway, if there’s a high heart rate, again, that’s just a sensation. That’s all it is, is a sensation, detach all the meaning that it has for you and just be with it as it is the earth as it is, and you can actually get to be then you can just be your sensations and your sensations are one thing And then how you are is another how you are with this another. So your sensations going on high heart rate, and you’re just giving the presentation, because you’re not your sensations. You’re the one who chooses how to be with the sensations. You’re the one who chooses how to be with experience. But you can’t really, if you’re in, if you’re in imagination spinning with all these different stories going on about, Oh, what’s this? The worst things going to happen? What do they think of me what to think of me, then you’re not, you’re not in that how you’re, you’re losing all your power, you’re losing all your attention, you’re diluting it. So bring yourself back, compose yourself, breathe a little. And just be with your experience as it is, be with as it is, ignore your your thoughts, really. And progressively, you’ll become progressively disinterested in thoughts so that it’s no longer they no longer even pop up. Here. If they pop up, that’s fine, which kind of whatever and progressive They kind of disappeared and disappeared and disappear. Rather than being whole stories. They’re like words, sentences words and then they’re like little sounds and pure energy itself. And you can actually sense the feel the energy behind the thought. Which is really cool when that happens for a cool. So that’s the practical sense of it. That’s the practical sense. You close your eyes at the start, you close your eyes because you’re distractible. That’s why Close your eyes and don’t worry about breeding techniques. No none of this necessary it’s all in indecision breathing techniques is like his form. It’s like outside is done. None of its necessary. Sounds sustainable. So just just just focus, just close your eyes and just be with things as they are. And just have fun. Enjoy yourself enjoy being with the experiences, right? Don’t rather looking at this as a serious task. Look at this is fun, because it is I’m telling you, it’s so fun. Just close your eyes. And what’s funny thing, just closing your eyes, and just kind of being in your sensations. And that’s all. It’s really fun. You can because what you’re going to notice is that his challenge for you begin to focus in your sensations. And you’ll actually start to notice that these sensations are occurring in any one location. They’re then they’re happening nowhere and everywhere. Like there’s no one point of location that they’re happening. It’s actually just a belief that there’s like a sensation here. Oh, he’ll he’ll hear that actually kind of occurring everywhere. It’s really cool. It’s really cool. You can begin to actually experience this for yourself. It’s really fun to discover these things. Okay, the other day, I had started as a real pain heel, like in my lung area. So I focused on it I let it be as it is. It will happen is really weird. It kind of like moved moved back hear about here and kind of everywhere but really localized here. And then it like up here, like I’m telling you like up here, then it was like around my arms around my arms, and then kind of disappeared and dispersed. So it’s so fun. It’s so weird. It’s wacky. It’s wonderful. It’s a it’s really fun. That’s like another key practical thing and it really is practical. Just be like, Okay, it’s time. I’m going to take some time close my eyes baby sensations. Oh, look, there’s some sensations there. Oh, okay, reasons. Where am I? Where am I experiencing these can’t really put it down into a way I really give it location not where I think but where am I actually radically honestly speaking to absolute honesty with myself. Where is the actual experience of this? And the more you focus on it more you’ll find the truth. So that is the practical side of things. See you in the next lesson.