Post Cycle Yoga Class

Hi, welcome to this short post psycho yoga routine. So we will be focusing on the quads, hamstrings, the glutes, all muscles that tend to get quite tight for cyclists will also do a little bit for the side body and opening up the chest as well because we do tend to spend a long time kind of crap shave and burn a bike. This is a great one to do when the muscles are nice and warm. So as soon as you finish the bike ride or anything like that, it’s a great time to do this. And we’ll be starting in a standing position. just bringing the feet to the hip distance apart. And on the inhale, reaching the arms up. The left can make the right wrist. The next inhale, lengthen through the spine. On the exhale, just curl pain over to the left side. might start to feel the stretch on the side woody In how to come back up to center, swap the grip of the wrists. The next inhale, lengthen through the spine. Next how to drop it over to the opposite side. Then in, come back at the center release in the arms. From here, we’ll interlace the hands behind the back, if you can bring the pants to touch. And if that’s not accessible for you, you can just bring opposite hand opposite elbows or anywhere on the forums. And then from whichever option you take, you just start to draw the hands down the arms down and feel that open meaning in the chest Then gently release the arms, you might want to give yourself a couple of shoulder rows maybe just a couple of times in one direction, opposite direction. Now we’ll come to a stand in sequence. So you do one a little bit of room behind you for this one. And we’ll start by engaging the muscles in the left leg. You can bring your hands, your left hand to your hip, if you like. And then bend the right leg behind and take the top of the foot with the right hand. And then I want you to start pushing into the hip here. So you should start to really feel a stretch in the Quad Try and keep the spine nice and straight. Then slowly just release the foot down, bring that foot out in front of you. And then from that cross the right ankle over the left knee and start to squat down with that left foot below, stretching the hip. Try and keep the toes of the bent leg, the cross leg pointing towards the knee. slowly make your way back up. bring that leg out in front. Now we have control so you can step that back foot all the way back, coming onto the ball of that foot. In the statue your ankles, we’ve arrived in a high lunge position. Start to draw the inner thighs together. So you should feel your hips come into line alignment. On the inhale or the arms up. And then exhale, bring the hammer back down to the mat. really push into the hands, lift that left that up and back. arrive in downwards Facing Dog. You take any movements here if you like, you feel like you just want to stretch out the back of the hamstrings. The great stretch the whole book body and then come into the ball. Have the feet and drop the hills over to the left a bit of a stretch for the life of the band. Then lift the hills Come back to center and drop the hills over to the opposite side and lift the hills back up to center. And then from here to the navel in, lift the left leg up. And then on the exhale, roll forward and bring that knee to the outside of the left elbow. And we’ll see if you can drop that foot down on the outside of the left hand menu, choose your left hand to support yourself to get there. And from here, you can either keep the knee lift theory and drop the knee to the mouth. You might like to just take some movements back and forth start to open up the hip flip. If you like you can always come down to the forums as well if you can keep your back nice and straight here. And you also have the option of coming in onto the side of the left. And with your left hand just gently start to open up the hips. So we all tend to be different, or do you have different tightness in these areas to just take whatever movement you feel that you need? You might know so it’s different on different days as well. You might even notice it’s different on different sides. It’s perfectly normal. And bring your left hand back down. From here if you like, if you’re not there already. Drop your back knee and start to bend the back leg. Lift in the left or right arm up and over, reach back towards that foot. You might stay here if you’d like. Or you might see if you can take the front of that foot for a nice quote stretch. If you do have a yoga mat that you’re using and the knees quite sore, you can always fold over the yoga mat as well for some extra padding for the knee. When you’re ready to come out, it’s loaded with a controller, release that foot back down, bring the right foot back down to the map. And we’ll start to heal to that left over towards the right, bring it behind the right wrist And then start to drop the left knee down. So depending on how open you are in the knee and the hips, you might have your leg angled at about 45 degrees, or you might have your shins that’s parallel with the top of the mat. My foots in about 45 degrees climb quite tight in the in the knee and the hips. Check your back leg or your long leg is out and a nice straight line. And then you can push into the fingertips coming up for a tool pigeon. Notice if your hips aren’t rolling over or if you’ve got like a blanket or a bluff or anything, you can always put it under the hip just to keep those hips nice and level. And then if you like you can start to walk the hands down. Maybe bringing the full head hands If you do feel any pain in this pose at all, you have the option of sicko reverse pigeon, you’d like to take that you can come down to the back, cross the left ankle over the right ankle. Stay here if you like, or you can lift up the right foot off the floor, maybe thread the hands around the back of the leg for the front of the shin. Keeping the toes of the knee, the left leg pointing in towards the need to protect the knee and you can continue to just push over with that left by so you should get the same the same benefits of the sleeping pigeon. No more ever you are roll over onto left hip. So if you are less patient, you just have to make your way back up. And we’ll swing that right leg around and place that right leg to the left, so I’ll just move around slightly. So we’re aiming to have the knees stacked over each other the feet out to the wards. The size of this is our Cow Pose or cow face pose. If this creates any pain or discomfort for you, you can take the left leg out straight and just work in half cow face, like today. Then we also have an option with the arms. So we can take the right hands, they get up and over and just place the back of the of the palm of the hand on the back and maybe taking the left hand and just gently put it on the next to the elbow and just gently push back here for a bit of a long stretch. Man, you’re ready to come out of it. Just gently release the arms first. Just support the legs, make our way back into full force position. Stuck in the shoulders. pengurus, hips over knees. And then we’ll tuck the toes, hands back, lifting the knees, come on to the soles of the feet, and then slowly start to roll yourself up. We’re all in the shoulders down and back. Right. So take that on the opposite side now to come back to the front of your mat. And this time we’ll start to engage the muscles in the right leg. lift the left leg up, bring the left foot behind. Maybe take in my left foot and the left and then start to push the hips forward. Maybe feeling that stretching that cord. gently release that leg, bring it out in front and cross that foot. Cross the right knee in step two scoped down mabrey. Bring in the hands to the hips. And then slowly extending that bent leg will send that left leg out behind us coming onto the ball of that foot. can check your knees, doctor if the ankle start fooled in face to face together so you can bring the hips in line. Next in hovering neons up and overhead. Exhale, frame that front foot, push into the hands and with that right leg up and back, all right in your downward Stoke. This time we’ll take the right hand and you can Take it to the fire maybe because maybe the ankle and then look under the left arm for a nice twist. In however, lease will take on the opposite sides of the left hand, the outside of the right leg and then release. Then from here, we’ll lift the right leg up, and then bring that right knee to the right elbow and plant that foot at the front of the mat on the outside of the right hand, maybe using the right hand to help you get there. You can drop the back knee down, keep it lifted, maybe move back and forth. Maybe making your way onto the forearms will come around to the side of that 13 just gently opening up the hips. Whichever option you’ve taken will start to just go to that left that sits behind the sorry, the right foot behind the left wrist, and then drop the right knee down. Maybe tucking the foot in slightly, so it’s about 45 degrees or whatever angle for free for you. Checking that your left foot is in a nice straight line. Checking your hips parallel, which was your may be coming up onto the fingertips, maybe taking the reverse reclined pigeon option if that feels better for you. Now if you’d like you can start to walk the hands down. Maybe come on to the forearms. Maybe bring the head down to the floor. Have the arms up strike. So this pose is different for everyone. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people feel the stretch in the outer hip. Some people find it’s more of a opening for the hip flexors to show you that everybody’s different when it comes to control everything. Know when you’re ready to come out of it when we ourselves back into work held face, legs. So if you’re in your client pigeons making your way back up into a similar position every now and then we’ll roll over onto the right hip swing that left Lay around, just trying to stack the knees. So they’re on top of each other the feet out towards the side, or if you like you can send the right leg out long. Just work here today, flexing those toes in towards the knee. numb of the arms if you like, you can stay here or you can take the left hand up, and then just place the hand on the back of the shoulder. Yes. And then we have the opposite hand just gently, sort of pull backs you get a nice stretch on the arm. Whichever option taken slowly Lisi And gently, maybe supporting the legs can shake the legs out if you like. Make her way back into a tabletop position. Second wrist favor. So shoulders, wrists, then tuck the toes and walk the hands back onto the balls of the feet start and start to flatten the feet and gently roll back up the standing position, rolling the shoulders down and back. And that is the end of our post psycho yoga sequence. If you like you can do that as many times as you want. Otherwise, you can try doing that sequence maybe in a slightly different order, or just take poses out that you want to do at any point. And I recommend trying to hold the poses for at least 30 seconds each. That way you really got time to lengthen those muscles that are quite tight from cyclin. So, I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you feel nice and stretched and relaxed sequence and enjoy the rest of your day. Nice day.