Planning for Meals for Prep Day

Tips on Planning for Meals for Prep Day:

  1. Write it down.
  2. Plan weekly.
  3. Use your resources (online and applications).
  4. Switch it up.
  5. Layout meals in a format that works for you/your family.
  6. Create your grocery list based on your upcoming menu.
Hi guys, Dr. Lisa back and we are in meal prep 101 the basics. Alright, you guys have joined me in lesson one. So let’s talk about it. Lesson One is planning the planning prosper. Meal Prep is imperative. I believe the old statement if you fail to plan you plan to fail. So if you want to make meal prep a successful activity in your daily or weekly routine, then you have to plan. So I’m old school, I write it down. Okay, so we’re going to start there, you’re going to get your planner, you’re going to get your whiteboard, you’re going to get the note section of your phone, and you’re going to write down your intentions for your meals for the coming week. I typically do this at the end of week of do this on a Wednesday or Thursday, sometimes even a Friday. I will sit down with a glass of wine, a favorite show going in the background and I will plan out what we’re going to eat for the week. This process has made the biggest difference for me and my family because now we know what’s coming up in the coming weeks. We know where we’re going to eat, we can plan accordingly. So, I have several resources that I lean on when this process when I started this process, and this is partially because I have meals that I go that are sort of my go to meals, my family likes them, I like them. But what I find is that meal planning and meal prepping can be a very overwhelming process. If you’re constantly eating the same things over and over again, it gets to be boring, it gets to be overwhelming, and then you don’t really want to stick to it. And the whole purpose of meal prep is something that you can is creating a process that you can stick to regularly that meets the needs and the demands of you, your lifestyle and your family. So I like to use a few different resources to help me find fresh and new recipes. The first one is d L is ah I follow them on Instagram as well but their their website is amazing. They have awesome delicious recipes for any type of person if you want vegan if you want glue free if you want fish if you want, you know beef or pork, everything is there. So I love having them as a resource. Another one is taste of home. And again, I follow them on Instagram and their website. They have amazing recipes. They’re typically simple. A lot of their categories include things that are short, like only take 1520 minutes. Also some of these websites even give you options for foods that are great as meal prep because they freeze well and they carry over well to the next day or the next week, or whenever you plan to eat them. And then another one is cafe delights. ca f e d Li gh Ts, they are amazing to me some of their stuff is just so it looks so decadent, but they’re usually very simple recipes. So I swear by those three resources for giving me new recipe ideas and you know things to look forward to most of us eat first with our eyes when we see something that looks really really tasty. We get it about, you know, preparing that for ourselves or for the people that that we love. So those are great options. I also have an app on my phone called recipes that calm the dinner spinner, I have found that to be very nice for really quick and easy recipes. They have different categories where you can go through and select, I’m looking for a breakfast option or a lunch option. And I wanted to include fish or I want it to be vegetarian base. And then you can like you can shake your phone and spin it or you can hit the button. And it’ll basically produce this long list of recipe options for you. And again, they have pictures. So again, if you see something that looks really good, then you can kind of dig into the recipe and see what the options are. So those are my favorite options for creating this this list or this menu for the following week. Now the way that I do this, I’m going to share my entire process with you but you have to do what works best for your family. I know people that meal prep for two weeks out and I tried that for a while but I found that to be cheating. more challenging because it kept me in the kitchen more hours than I want it. But if that works for you, that’s awesome. I also know people that will prep for a month they’ll they’ll basically set up their freezer meals and get them all out of the way for the month so that every day they’re just coming home and following something throwing it in the crock pot or the oven or whatever, do what works for you. I find that taking my menu week by week is the most feasible option for me, where I am not purchasing as many groceries, spending as much money or spending as much time in the kitchen. So I highly recommend weekly meal prep for people who are especially getting just getting started and new to the process. So what I do, as I said on a Thursday or so I am going through these these resources and picking out my recipes. I plan one breakfast for the entire week for my family, one lunch for the entire week for my family and three dinners. The reason I do this is I cannot eat the same dinner Monday. through Friday, Monday through Saturday, I can’t do it. So I like to have options. So the three dinners allows us to have one fresh meal Sunday, that’s our first meal. We recycle that or have leftovers from that meal on Monday. And then I can prepare a fresh meal based on the meal prep on Tuesday. And we will have that on Wednesday. And then we repeat that process for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, I keep that day completely blank. That is a day where we are allowed to have carry out or I may be out and about and the kids and my husband will fend for themselves and figure it out. That has been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or whatever they come up with. And I don’t care. I’m all about self care with this whole process. Okay, so I could prepare three dinners or plan three dinners for that reason. I prepare or plan one lunch for our entire family. But there are times where I make an exception to that rule. Occasionally, I will make the kids something that is kind of kid friendly. For example, we might have they might request Turkey hot dog skewers which is essentially chopped up turkey hot dogs with chopped up string cheese on a toothpick alternating. They think of like the bee’s knees. I’m not a fan. So I will make that for their lunch and then I will make something separate for myself and or myself and my husband if he is eating our lunch as well. So but typically it’s one lunch, so I prepare that for the week those going to lunch containers and then I do one breakfast, I might go to breakfast is an egg muffin. People call it for Tatas people call it quiche. It’s an egg base. You can make it in a pan, you can make it in a muffin pan which is what we use. And it’s essentially a great way to have protein and vegetables as a very quick grab in the mornings. So I’ll make egg muffins which will include bell peppers or mushrooms and onions garlic, and then you know season with some black pepper, maybe some garlic powder. And then if I want meat I’ll have some chopped up turkey sausage or chopped up turkey bacon, and literally you make In a bowl, you pour it into the muffin pans that are greased Of course, and you bake for 20 minutes and then you’ve got, you know, 12 or 24 breakfast muffins for the week. That has been great as I don’t want. I don’t allow my children to have like cereal and stuff in oatmeal sugary stuff during the week for breakfast. So it’s a great way to give them something healthier to eat during the week. So you have set down you have planned out your meals, you’ve used all your resources. And now you have a great menu for the coming week setup. And you have completed step one. So now you’re ready to start gathering your ingredients and shop for everything that you need, which is step two. So meet me over for the next lesson.