Pillows I’ve Tried

I’ve been in practice for 18 years and before that, of course I was in chiropractic college for four years. And during that time I’ve tried many different kinds of pillows. Now I want to start out with this pillow journey by going over my what my favorite pillow is cut to the chase. My favorite pillow is right here. This is from core products and this website core products calm this is this is the old school chiropractic pillow company. My favorite pillow right here is called the decor pillow. It’s not very expensive. I like the way it cradles your neck. I like how it’s got this D shaped cutout of it, where you can let your head your skull drop down while your neck is being cradled. To me. It feels so good. It feels like it feels like a there’s a glove on my neck. That’s providing the support Try Corps is very similar to the decor I don’t know what the difference is honestly, the decor the problem with the decor is that’s really firm. When I first got my decor this time around, I kind of regretted the purchase because it was so firm but now that it’s broken in it’s it’s doing a lot better. I’ve also tried this therapeutical orthopedic sleeping pillow. This is a very dense foam. It’s not memory foam. It’s a foam that doesn’t really doesn’t really change shape. It’s pretty firm. But as you can see this pillow has. It’s got this, this kind of slope right here where it’ll it’ll cradle the back of your upper back like your throttle lumbar or your cervical thoracic junction. It’s got this divot right here where your head falls back in the place and talk about support. I can’t think of a pillow There’s more supportive for your head neck than this therapy that could pillow. If you toss and turn and you roll onto your side, your ear goes in here. And this platform supports your side side posture, your side sleeping posture. The downside to this pillow, it’s been a while since I’ve used it but it seems like it was really firm to the downside to this pillow is it’s really hard to get a pillow case that fits it because it’s such a funny shape. Looks like we got more tricore pillows in this travel combo there the they have really good value here. Such as the decor it’s like 35 bucks. The I haven’t tried this one but I like the idea. It’s got this role where your neck goes in there. And in this this resting pillow right here. I don’t know if this is made for sleeping at night. But this this kind of roll provides a lot of support for your neck. I haven’t tried this one but I like the idea. It seems like this the ridges there could keep your neck nice and cool. This is the basic support phone. This has been around for a long time. And whenever you go look for like a TempurPedic pillow, they’ll have this kind of shape to it. This is one where you can adjust the core. I haven’t tried that one though. 50 bucks for $50 I think I’ll just get this one. But maybe that’s got the magic sauce in it. More of this standard memory foam pillow. This is like the TempurPedic style. Here’s one that’s water filled. Let’s see what else they got. I’ll get some of the water filled stuff too. This is the shape of pillow. There’s actually a study reviewing this kind of pillow where they had really good results. They did as common They have neck exercises as well as a neck pillow. So this is the one they they used not this brand though this the other one they used in the study was made in Italy and air core that’s looks pretty cool. There’s a travel pillow this the therapy, the keychain let’s see it’s on page two core products you know they’ve been around for a long time. See pet pillows. You can get the factory second there. So let’s go back to the the modern pillow. This one is called the Cairo flow. I tried this one out maybe 10 or 15 years ago. They’ve got the original memory foam. This one is interesting because you can you can fill it up with water and you can adjust how How much how much fill it has by adding or taking away water. It gets kind of heavy as you can imagine you kind of you’re kind of sticking with this water sack underneath your your head, which is pretty interesting. I didn’t really interfere that much with me but I didn’t really like this pillow that much personally. Again, pillow selection is such a personal thing. But it was interesting. It kind of was a nice cool pillow to lay your head on at night at first. But in the end, I didn’t think it was really for me. There was a study that I read today that looked favorably on the Cairo flow pillow. So it’s got some evidence base to it. A little bit of publishing published evidence to it. This is a purple pillow. Let’s go back to down pillow so I’ve had down pillows too. And I just have this general view of down pillows. I really like My down pillow. It was a nice firm one. And I thought it was a really comfortable pillow. But in the literature, feather pillows or down pillows or cotton filled pillows just don’t do as well as pillows that are made out of man made materials. So this one over here, this is a I was gonna say it’s a latex pillow, but I don’t know if it’s latex in there. It’s different kind of rubber type material. And let me see where it shows. Yeah, so this, this honeycomb pattern of this latex style of rubber that tended to pretty well in the literature to that looks interesting. It’s got this latex core and moisture wicking breeze mesh cover 360 degrees purple grid. Heck’s missing a big pillow? No pressure support doesn’t fall flat wondering how much this this is $160 but, you know with anything like mattresses or pillows, you really have to try it out to make sure it’s it’s right for you. I wonder if they have a return policy? They must. These guys always have return policies. So you get 100 and 100 night mattress trial not sure about pillows. In case you’re wondering, we have a Sleep Number bed, which I’d like because it’s adjustable because sometimes you don’t get the pressure just right. And sometimes you really need to change things maybe had a heavy workout the day before the day of you might want to make it a less firm mattress, or if you have an episode of back pain. stems you want to bring the firmness up to support you better? Anyway, I’m not sure if purple has a free returns or not. Down pillow I like my favorite pillow to wrap it up is this decor pillow on page one. You always know what the money making flagship product is if you go to page one, and you see what the first few products are, decor, or maybe a tricore if it’s a little bit softer, I hope that helps. Those are my picks for pillows and what I’ve tried over the years but it’s such a personal thing. You have to find out what you enjoy sleeping on and what feels supportive to you. Again, these pillows serve as neck and head support. That will keep your neck in the neutral position. That’s the main job. If you have neck pain or neck injury