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Now pacing refers to matching a person’s model of the world. Now matching a person can includes both the physical and the non physical attributes. This includes things such as emotions of values, beliefs, posture, breathing, etc. All these things are appropriate things for you to match when it comes to another person in order to match and paste that person. Now, this also describes the base structure of how rapport or empathy is built, is by being able to meet someone halfway in terms of how they’re feeling or how they’re using a body, that gives off to some, it gives off this vibe as if like, you’re you and the other person, you guys are on the same wavelength. So in other ways, when it comes to pacing, essentially, you’re taking the sexual second perceptual position with another person and you’re matching their reality meaning able to see things how they see things, not just seeing things, how you see things, which is useful, but you’re seeing things from another person’s point of view, and hoping to put yourself in rapport with that person. Now, both bandler and grin lead the two co founders of NLP noted that most people use a favored representational system. So the non representational system include visual audio and could have auditory and kinesthetic. So just to give you guys a couple of quick examples, so someone says, I use like a lot of hearing predicates, such as like, I hear what you’re saying, Do you know that they favor the auditory representations? Or so many of us like a lot of sight predicates that says I seem to mean and things like that, that then you know that they’re, they’re visually oriented or something, they use a lot of predicates that revert to refer to like touching and feeling like I got a good feeling about this. And you know, that their favorite representation system is a kinesthetic representation system. So guys, that’s all I have for you today in terms of them pacing and representation system really isn’t too much to it, other than what I’ve already told you. It just refers to the physical and the non physical attributes that you match for another person, hoping to see yourself not as hoping to see the wolf and a person’s point of view. On the next technique we’re going to be talking about is calibrations to someone stage