Overcome Overwhelm: Seven-Step Overwhelm Routine

Tips inspired by the book, “Powerhouse: Turbo Boost Your Effectiveness and Start Making a Serious Impact” by Mike Clayton.

How to Overcome overwhelm like a powerhouse sometimes things get tough, sometimes even a powerhouse can feel overwhelmed. But a powerhouse knows that when they get overwhelmed, there is a solution. It’s called the overwhelm routine. And it’s a seven step process. Step one is to list all of the things that are on your plate at the moment and therefore overwhelming you. And when you’ve done that, some people will find that that’s all they need to get a sense of being in control again. But if you don’t, step to kill off the weak links, go down that list with a red pen and cross off anything that isn’t important enough, you’re overwhelmed, you’ve got too much to do. kill off some of those weaklings. Step two is to then defer anything that can wait for 24 hours or longer. Again, cross them off your list, transfer them to another list a tomorrow list a list of things that you’ll do tomorrow when you can. The fourth step is to look for the Tiddlers the little things. put an asterisk by anything on your list that can be done in five minutes or less. And then the fifth step is a frenzied attack. Set a timer for 20 minutes and in that 20 minutes, set yourself the task of doing as many of those Tiddlers as you can do them quickly and do them only to the absolute minimum standard. That is acceptable. 20 minutes is enough time to keep up that high energy frenzied state when you get to the end of it. Step six is to take a break. Take a break, regroup, cross off all those Tiddlers that you’ve dealt with. And now look at the bigger tasks and find one that you most want to tackle next. After you’ve had your short break, allocate yourself about 14 minutes. And in that 14 minutes, make real progress on that task, if you can split it up into a number of chunks and reschedule some of those chunks for later. 40 minutes is a good amount of time to make a lot of progress, but it’s also quite a long time to concentrate. So at the end of that 14 minutes, take a proper break a good 15 minutes break. Now you’ll be feeling a lot better. But now cycle back and now that 20 minute frenzied attack on as many Tiddlers as you can, a short break and another 14 minutes are another big task and after three of these sites Because you’ll probably have killed off all of the small tasks, you’ll have reduced your list of overwhelming items to a much smaller list of a few big things that need to get finished. And now you’ll feel in control, especially as you would have made substantial progress on three big things. overwhelm is not the same as overload. It is an emotional response. It’s an emotional response that we get. When we don’t feel in control. You’re now back in control. You are no longer overwhelmed. Once again, you’re feeling like a powerhouse.