Cardio Training – Outdoors

So as I was explaining earlier about metabolic fitness and cardio cardiorespiratory fitness, I would like to show you how does it go into action and especially that we are staying outdoors, how to build your walk and jog and how to build your metabolic fitness if you need it. So first to get yourself strong enough to for example, jog or run. So first of all getting started with your cardio training is also the first step is metabolic fitness. So you must start with a walk. So you take your path, whichever path or circuit you want to do, and all the way through you are walking now you keep yourself busy for 45 minutes, and you make sure that you walk now if you can only walk for your metabolic fitness first, you can take this apart and walk 20 minutes in the morning 20 minutes in the evening. It’s also going to come You booted very well that or after all, you want to put it all together and make sure that you can walk 45 minutes now progressing with your cardio training is that you’re doing your metabolic fitness and adding a little cardio component which is jogging. So if you look at your little bit of a path or your circuit, so you’re looking at it in three quarters of a way you are walking and, and one quarter what overweight you are jogging, and you can make this into also another different kind of interval training which is not by distance, but you’ll build it by how you feel. So using your RP scares, you run or jog as much as that you feel that it is hard, right seven, eight on the RP scale, maximum nine and then you start walking and you walk as long as your your intensity drop down and you feeling better. For example. between three and four so that means that you are ready to jog again. So you can do it by distance, or you can do it by how you feel. So I recommend first get set a distance for yourself at least you achieve something from two lamppost for example, distance what you’re going to jog and the rest of it you are walking so you keep this again for a few weeks, until you feel that you can progress again, where you are actually metabolic fitness and more cardio fitness is adding to it. And that means that you jog and walk and jog and walk, you’re alternating this then again, it’s going for 45 minutes and each and every day you are going to do this. Now, as you are progressing with the with your cardio training. Now, the next few weeks you arrive that you can jog more than what you walk. So you still have a little bit of a metabolic fitness component to it. But most of it now you are doing Actually cardio that means you’re working on your heart and lungs, and your blood circulation and your other muscles. Now it is important that you keep this until you are ready to jump into your cardio fitness which is you are jogging all the way around and you are able to jog 35 to 45 minutes each and every day of the week. If you keep these five days a week, which I would like to recommend, because two days a week, I would like to suggest for you that you start your little strength training. And even if you started it earlier, it’s excellent to do your strength training twice a week, the most important thing that you are moving every single day. So how do you make your cardio training more interesting because the biggest factor why people stop with their cardio and any kind of exercise because the boredom factor comes in. So You can mix if you go to a gym or even if you are outdoors, you can bike and run. And you can also swim, you can rollerblade as well you can climb the stairs. But even if you are in the gym, you can alternate these exercises. So you spend 510 minutes, 15 minutes on each and you build yourself a little circuit training out of this. Now remember, even if you are outdoors, you can find yourself a little bit of a stair step or a bench where you can do a little bit of a step ups where you can continue your walk after that. Most important that you keep yourself moving to the duration of the time that you 45 minutes is finished.