Organizing Your Book

Welcome back, guys. Now, did you guys manage the brain dump all your ideas for your book, if you did, well done, if you didn’t, I would urge you to just pause this video and actually go write it. Because this is what’s going to lead you to success for this video, and then the next ones. So go ahead and brain dump, all you do is play a book. Now, if you’re moving forward with this, right now we’re going to learn how to organize your ideas so that we can start outlining your book. Now, when you were doing the brain dumping, did you have any common themes or groups for the different topics? like there might have been topics that, you know, it’s not aligned with the message of your book, but you want to talk about it, like it’s really a passion of yours, and it is great. You want to take those ideas and actually put it aside, because that could be something for your next book. But for now, let’s stick with the one theme and that one message now is dark. Are you finding hard, you know, to group it, just think of it as simple? As you know, I use my T by T method, which is fine. Can you organize your ideas into three groups, three separate groups. And then within each of those groups, can you write three on three topics for each of those groups. So the way I’m trying to help you think of it is that, you know, think of your book, as you’re going to have three sections for your book, each of those sections are going to have three chapters, which are going to be your topics that you’re going to talk about. So that’s a good way for you to get started in organizing your ideas. Now, that’s just one method. In the next video, I’m going to show you different frameworks that you can use to really get your book organized. And that fits to your your topic, or how you’re approaching and the stories that you’re going to write. So I’m excited. So right now, just sit, organize your ideas, find different groups as much as you can, and then go to the next video, where I’m going to show you different frameworks that you can use, they can fit more closely to what your book is going to come out as. So look forward to seeing you in the next video. Bye