Opportunity – Do Your Work Regardless of Income

We all have an opportunity to do our work regardless of income. We might want to be actors, but maybe nobody wants to pay us to act doesn’t mean we can’t act. We might want to be authors. But maybe no one wants to pay us to write books. We can still write anyway. Do the work that most inspires you. And lets you know you’re living your life purpose, sharing your gifts. Identify the income sources, you need to continue to leverage whether you make money from your life work or not. So stay practical, make sure you’re still paying your bills. This is not about giving up your income and your home just to prove to somebody that you can do your life work, it’s possible to do both in most circumstances. And notice which relationships discourage or prevent you from doing your work and create a plan to outgrow them. We’re human beings, we’re social beings. And we certainly seem to need each other as people. But things can get difficult when we need any one specific relationship. So I suggest to you that as you grow, continue to connect with the divine for guidance on how you can still honor being yourself. And as much as possible, create space for the people who are most important to you in your life, to remain part of your life if they like. But also to put yourself in a position where if those people can’t accept you, doing your work, that you still have the ability to do your work, and you’re living your life in your divinely inspired way for the implementation in the morning, connect with the divine daily for five minutes and ask how can I focus on my work without worrying about others approval or judgment? Write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. In the evening, track your progress with your one most important goal for that day. And journal about how you feel and what you’re most grateful for. In this entire process, I encourage you to focus on your connection with the divine, as best as possible, don’t worry about comparing or competing with other people on their spiritual journey, or what they’re looking to do. Focus on you focus on your path, focus on your connection with the divine, and where you’re going. And as long as you’re focused on that, you’re receiving the guidance you need, and you’re focused on doing good and living your life purpose, you’re going to find that it matters less and less what others think of you. And those who really are meant to be in your life will stay in your life regardless, and those who are meant to kind of move on will do so as well. So I wish you the best do this again, encourage you to continue to connect with your divine on this part of your journey.