Opportunity – Do Your Soul Work & Your Sacred Work

You have the opportunity to do soul work and sacred work. And in my experience, there’s so much to be learned from each of them. Regardless of a person’s profession, the soul work can sometimes feel like that high peak experience. So if I were a performer, I’d say when I’m on stage or an athlete when I’m on the court, but in order to get on the stage in order to be on the court, there’s a preparation. And sometimes that doesn’t feel so soulful. It might be the work necessary to get you there. And that’s the sacred work. There’s no story about two months of apprentice and a teacher, and the apprentice asks the Teacher, teacher, if I meditate an hour a day, how long will it teach me to reach enlightenment? And the teacher says it will take you 10 years to reach enlightenment, if you meditate an hour for every day. And then the student says, What if I meditate 10 hours a day and the teacher says Then it will take you 20 years. And the concept is this meditation, this connection with the divine. This is not a place where we want to live forever. This is not a place at least in our human plane, I’m going to suggest, at least in my experience, that it’s good for us to get lost there because it too can be an escape from this human experience. If we decide we’re only going to be in meditation, we’re only going to pray we’re only going to stay connected to the divine or meditate and kind of hang out. That can be a way of avoiding the challenges of the material and the human life. So what I suggest to you is that you can see how you can bring the best parts of your soul work to your sacred work, and really have the to work off of each other. See how you can bring the best parts of your sacred work to your soul work. So very often so work brings inspiration, and that can be great to bring to sacred work. And sacred work often brings a sense of duty or obligation or just mechanical ness of implementation and follow through and making sure something gets done. If my sacred work pays my bills, I have to make sure I do it right. Sometimes I might save my soul work well, it’s my sole work. So I’m just gonna let it kind of be sort of floating out there, and I’m going to do my best. And if the universe likes it great. And if it doesn’t, no problem, but there’s something when we know our bills are at stake. And we have to make an income that we put a little more focus and sometimes that can benefit our soul work. And then this is going to be something you might go back and forth to over the years, decide if you will, or won’t try to integrate these two types of work. And as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think there’s a best answer here. I know as somebody who happens to love beach volleyball, I grew up playing that in my teens, and by my early 20s, I watched some of my friends look to become professional beach volleyball players. And some of my friends that went on to become pro beach volleyball players loved it did very well. made money made connections enjoyed it. And it was a joyful thing for them. And others of them same sport, a sport that they enjoyed, that they loved. They weren’t making money, it became a source of stress became a source of frustration, it became a source of pressure that they had to pay the bills, they had to win this tournament. And so again, I don’t think there’s this definite one size fits all answer, as a singer you might enjoy just seeing for fun, without the pressure of having to make a living, or maybe you sing one night a week at a place that you like, and you have a steady gig there and you enjoy that and you feel that you’re calling. But maybe you have a family to support and you say, Well wait in the meanwhile, I’ve got to make sure I pay the bills. And so there’s this balance, rather than this sort of lofty, idealistic sense of this vision of doing soul work that’s meaningful and spiritual, and everything just flows. I think most people you’d find they’re at the top of their industry or their game or artists or actors or leaders would tell You’re in all roses. And so we want to stay grounded enough that we invite this divine inspiration, without yet assuming that it’s going to be this perfect picture. And so for implementation in the morning, I invite you to connect with the divine daily for five minutes, and ask the divine to help you know how you can balance and perhaps even integrate your sacred work and your soul work. And then again, write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. And then in the evening, track your progress on that one most important goal and journal about how you feel and what you’re grateful for. So I encourage you to be aware of this distinction between your soul work and your sacred work. And notice where they support each other notice where they’re perhaps in conflict with each other, look to create a greater harmony and see how or if these are things you want to either have, support each other play off of each other, or have them be something That, in essence become merged. And the same thing. I hope this serves you if you have any questions on this or thoughts on this, please let me know. Thank you