Opportunity – Do Inspired Work More Often

When you open up to delegating, you allow yourself to be in a situation where you can do inspired work more often. You can focus on leveraging your unique gifts and talents to create big impact and big results in the lives of the people you serve. As you use your unique gifts to serve, you can share income earning opportunities with others, so they might share their gifts. See how you can circulate abundance around the world by allowing it to flow in and out of your life as you give and receive for the implementation. Connect with the divine daily for five minutes, and ask what you should focus on what you should stop doing and what you should delegate. Write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. If it’s a weekend or a day You’re not working, let that be a personal goal. Or take a day off if you like, in the evening, track the progress on your one most important goal for that day, and journal about how you feel and what you’re most grateful for. So divinely inspired delegation allows us to share opportunities with other people. It allows other people to get to participate in the economy, in the projects you’re working on and the business opportunity. It allows you to shine and do what you do best and share your gifts and invites other people to do the same. And the academy allows us to then share and compensate each other financially and with great quality work that is ideally divinely inspired and makes the world a better place. So go ahead, do the exercises, see where you can delegate whether it’s very small things for larger things. You can keep delegations very manageable. It doesn’t have to be long term committee. If you can delegate something as simple as a one hour project, anytime you go to the grocery store, you delegate the growing of, let’s say, your fruit to that grocery store. And anytime you get a haircut, you delegate the care of your hair to the person who cuts your hair. So this doesn’t need to be fancy. It doesn’t need to be difficult. It definitely does not need to be expensive. But it’s a way for us to share talents to really engage with each other, work together and create even better opportunities, better wealth, better abundance, better impact, by letting everybody do what they do. Best.