Opportunity – Create Your 90-Day Vision & Game Plan

You have an opportunity to create your 90 day vision and your game plan to support it. Clarify your game plan for the near future. schedule the time for it to happen, and take action. Create your launch plan and prepare to share your work. Launch Your work on your terms, so that even if you don’t make the money you anticipate, you do your project and you share your work for the implementation in the morning, connect with the divine daily for five minutes and ask what can I do today to help my 90 day vision move forward? Write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. In the evening, track your one most important goals progress and journal about how you feel and what you’re grateful for. Going from Word from here. This is about you having a powerful goal every 90 days. And having that be something that contributes towards your life, work your vision for that, and really connecting the two. Continue to connect with the divine for the support you need, and get the guidance you need. And you’ll see there’s other resources I have that can support you with that as well. The 90 day plan can be done over and over and over to help you get where you’d like to get. And again, with the divine is your guide. There’s really nothing you can’t do. So go ahead now and create that 90 day vision and the game plan that supports it as you move towards your next and most important goal.