Opportunity – Create & Begin Your 20-Year Vision

You have an opportunity to create and begin your 20 year vision. Maybe for you it’s a 10 year vision or a lifetime vision, but a much longer vision than what’s right in front of you. Get clear about what it is you’d like to do in the long term, and take action every single week to make it a reality. So often the people that are leaders in certain fields have been doing something literally for decades. And it’s not any one thing they did. It’s the combined momentum of all the action, all the activity, all the knowledge, all the relationships that they’ve built over the years. Connect and partner with others who share a similar vision so you can maximize your impact and help them maximize theirs. for implementation in the morning, connect to the divine daily for five minutes, and ask, How can I best live my life vision today and do those things. Write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. In the evening, track your one most important goal and it’s progress at the end of the day. And journal about how you feel and what you’re grateful for. Over the years, there’s very few things I’ve done that I’ve had no regrets about. One of the things that I’ve had no regrets about is spending more time with my family, my children and doing that. One of the other things I’ve done is following my passion and doing my life’s work. And it’s usually in my case, not been my primary source of income. But I’ve made sure that in some way I make time to do these things, whether it’s writing books, or creating courses. That’s something I just feel I have to do I still have responsibilities. And I still have this desire to provide financially for my family. And sometimes my life work is not something that I figured out how to monetize very easily. But when I do that work, it amplifies my life. It makes my life better. And though I can’t prove it, I know somehow at least my own personal knowing, is it me doing my life’s work is part of what resonates and vibrates out to the universe and really just attracts to me the things and the relationships that continue supporting me in doing that work. So I encourage you to continue to connect with the divine. Find out what your life’s work is, and the best way to support it. And continue doing that whether it makes money for you or not. And continue to stay connected as you go along in your journey.