Opportunity – Be More Inspired at Work

This section offers you the opportunity to be more inspired at work to move more from inspiration than from motivation. You can connect with the divine more often, so you can be more inspired and bring that energy to your work as often as possible. Do the work that most inspires you and positively impacts the people you serve. Look for new and different ways to be abundantly rewarded for positively impacting the lives of the people you serve. for implementation in the mornings, connect with the divine daily for five minutes, and ask the divine for help moving from motivation to inspiration as your primary driving force. Write down your one most important goal at the beginning of each day. If it’s not a business day, It can be a personal goal. In the evening, track your progress on your one most important goal for the day and journal about how you feel and what you’re most grateful for. So I hope you get to experience this inspiration fueling your life, your work, and becoming more and more a part of what you do. It’s something that I find at times I forget, and I kind of get caught in a rut with my work. You find yourself not as motivated, not as happy, not as engaged or energized. reconnect with the divine and seek to make that a habit that fuels you and your work and helps the people you serve going forward.