Online Resources for Scotland

Third group of resources covers Scotland, and rail Scott, CO, UK, and, which is a resource of historic sites in Scotland. Next, we come to rail Scott with a which is a resource detailing all sorts of information about railways in Scotland. And we see on the front page, there’s all sorts of latest news coming in. There’s users uploading photographs, and so on lots of resources about railways in Scotland on this site and if we type in Springburn in search as we’re looking at the area of Springburn, it will come up with all sorts of stuff 48 photographs, through time 1950s 1960s and so on. two locations one gonna look at here is Springburn and this is actually a station Springburn station, which was near Cal as works. Just off the Edinburgh and Glasgow railway line, we see five pages of photographs of the station and so on. And we can also see on the right hand side all the nearby railway resources all the nearby railway activities. So if we click on Atlas works for example, it will give us the history of the works. Hide part works here we go taken over 1888 and renamed the Atlas works 1903 became the new North British locomotive company liquidated in 1962 demolished now To cite those photographs solely for that one, we click on Hyde Park works. That will give us information about the works 1861 built next to a branch of the Edinburgh and Glasgow railway. Again in 1903, it became part of the North British locomotive company. Further information their financial difficulties led to liquidation in 1962, demolished in the 1980s and then became the headquarters of Stowe college, and that later morphed into Springburn college, then North Glasgow college. And now it’s North Calvin College, and also seems to be a business center on the site as well. Some photographs there but not much. And if we look into some relics, this is going to give us a lot more information and a lot of information Available about Rolex. Here we have the history. Ellison Rolex works I clicked on the wrong thing they were looking at. So here we have the history four pages of photographs. established on the bank of the monkland Canal. Next to Rolex chemical works on the line of the Ganga and Glasgow railway created by the Caledonian Railway, who had who were leasing the Ganga Glasgow railway and the works developed from there. As we go down, we can see what was in the works. taken over by British Railways in 1948 1969, came under British Rail engineering limited Braille in various private operators from 2002 on Words. The derelict parts of the site were cleared in 2001. And the supermarket’s built that I mentioned earlier. One office building survives and rollex house and just finally I’m going to click on the chemical works just for information about tenants chemical works and there’s no information about tenants chemical works. Okay, so that’s rail Scott, lots of information about rail resources and rail locations in Scotland through the ages. It also does extend into some English sites as well. So worth looking at if you’re exploring a site in England. Now if we look on canmore Kenmore is an online catalog of Scotland’s archaeology buildings, industrial and maritime heritage is run by historic environment Scotland and therefore funded by the people Scottish Government and if we type in Springburn it will tell us what we can have for Springburn. And as we see there are 297 images from Springburn this cycle flats there. So on right the way through and there are 67 sites associated with that tag of the name of Springburn I’m not going to go through them all this out this works. They’re relics works, I should click on but there’s all sorts of things through history. So around prehistoric Roundhouse is located somewhere in Springburn information about the park, Presbyterian Church, parish church, all sorts of archaeological and historic sites in the area. So lots and lots of information here. If you’re exploring Scotland, as just click on the railway works gives us some brief information about the railway works. It’s going to give us the location on the map when it loads. There we go. All of this area of course, was isn’t relics works. Some photographs here, many more photographs, images, 79. And also other collections. These are not necessarily online resources, but offline resources that you can also refer to archives and so on. Lots of images here of some relics works both inside and outside. I’m just going to type in the chemical works here as well. Tennant chemical, oops, wrongly works. And here we have images of the chemical works must have been an absolutely enormous site. Let’s just click on this one for information. We combine these photographs as well it looks like and there we go. That’s the monkland Canal through the middle there. So that’ll be the north side that will be the sort of site Hill. Looks like we can see rail workings there. This is the south of the canal. absolutely enormous chemical works. Okay, that’s those two sites resources in Scotland if you’re exploring railways, great resources as well. Both rail Scott and canmore. Excellent. I’ve got loads and loads of stuff on them. Right. Okay, let’s move on.