Nutrition Tips

Hello Dr. Zsu here and for your exercise a little bit of nutritional advice for you of what to eat, what type of foods will be helping you with your exercise. So, what should you eat before and after training, it’s all very important for you to know that food choices before training, the best if you eat two hours, three hours before as a main meal, and if it’s a snack, which is a smaller size 3045 minutes before the food choices should be either muesli oats with fruit and milk or just with water wholemeal bread with slices of turkey or eggs, eggs with baked beans, fruits and veggies. The time to eat the sweeter stuff the white bread stuff bananas, sport drinks, comes After your exercise and it is important to remember that within 30 and 60 minutes should be timed if you are eating this type of foods, however for the type of smaller exercise with you are doing currently as a beginner, you can keep cut this down much in your diet and you don’t really actually need them. But if you want to eat them, this is the time to eat them. And once you’re 30 and 60 minutes past after the exercise, you go back and eating your healthy ways. Pasta denta that mean is cooked a little bit chewy, your pasta, wholemeal bread slices of Turkey eggs or chicken or whichever fruits, veggies muesli eggs with big beans, rice and beans or peas and chicken. So basically you eating balanced meals and how can you put all this in theory into practice, I encourage you to sign up on a nutrition practitioner course where you can learn completely, how to eat balanced. And this is a simple and practical blood sugar regulating way of eating for your entire life, for your health and for your healthy body weight. So I will see you there until then, best of luck