New Vision & New Goal

Now let’s create a new vision and a new focus for your next 30 days. If the next 30 days when the way you’d like to see them go, what would be some of the things that would change for you? What would be different or new in your life? results wise, activity wise, that’s not currently in your life. And if you had to identify five specific changes in your life, what would those five changes be? These five changes might or might not happen. Maybe only one of them happens. But we’re crazy. In a vision of what we’d like to see happen if you could only achieve one new thing over the next 30 days, what would that one thing be? And if you were able to complete that goal, what would be two other things you’d focus on? These are things that might or might not happen. They might be the next steps after your first goal. So maybe they’re actually a goal for 60 days or 90 days from now. But if you completed your first goal, you’d move on to these. What would you want to see happen if you already got your main goal completed?