Welcome back to the next section in our burnout series. And this session is for the letter N, which in the word burnout stands for neglect. Review, in case you’ve jumped ahead, what is burnout? burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress in your life. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and quite frankly, unable to meet the constant demands of life. And when this is prolonged over a period of time, that’s when burnout shows up. And it’s not a fun thing to deal with. I know that personally, and I see it in so many people. neglect. We’ve seen examples of neglect in our life, you know, buildings that are neglected, roads that are neglected. relationships that are neglected are all unhealth being neglected family relationships, all of that it piles up if you don’t take care of it over time. That’s why things that last longer typically last longer because they weren’t neglected they were taken care of. In the last section, I talked about my cardiac event in 2009, where I had a heart attack because of blockages and my left anterior descending artery, also known as the Widowmaker. Why did this happen to me? Because I was neglecting my health. I wasn’t taking care of myself, both physically or mentally or spiritually. I wasn’t playing the part that I needed to play in order to live a life that was well and full of life and to be a good person. I wasn’t doing it. I was not a nice person to be around. I made a lot of mistakes in my life, and it led to burnout. And my ear worst case scenarios. The key areas that we tend to see when people neglect themselves are in the area. First and foremost is ignoring your self care. Now, if you’re not sure what self care means, it has many definitions. But how I look at self care is doing the things in life that you enjoy doing. They bring you joy and fulfillment. And you do those things frequently. That can be simple. Like going to your favorite coffee shop or going to sporting events or concerts, or hanging out with friends or reading a book or watching television watching your favorite movies or shows all of those things. In moderation of course. play a big part in your your self care and well being being active eating the right foods, consuming the right content or other things. But what happens is if we don’t take care of ourselves, and we don’t print Practice self care life, then what ends up happening is we consume garbage. And by garbage I mean, foods that aren’t healthy for you over a period of time. Now, I’m not going to tell you to stop eating fast food. I am encouraging you to not make it your breakfast, lunch and dinner choice all the time, which was my situation that led up to my cardiac event. I was eating improperly for a long period of time. I was not eating foods that were good for me. If you take anything away from this, I highly recommend that you find a nutritionist, figure out, you know what food intolerances you have. So you might need to go to a naturopath or an allergist or something like that to figure out, you know, if you have food allergies, I’m allergic to potatoes of all things. And the allergist was surprised that I knew that I was allergic to them, but I knew the reaction that certain types of potatoes and how they were prepared. Would you give me an allergic reaction. So it’s just one of those unique to me anyway, allergies that I have. And I’m sure many of you have some intolerances to certain types of. So figure that out, figure out what foods are good for you and make that part of your normal dietary choices and you will find that you will feel better, you’ll have more energy, natural energy, and not the artificial energy that you get from energy drinks or too much caffeine or things like that, which just crashes you after a while. Also consuming garbage talks about consuming garbage. From a media standpoint, and the things that you read the things you watch on television. There’s no shortage of bad news in the world that doesn’t take long to find bad news in the world. The time of this recording were in the middle of a pandemic COVID-19 if you turn on the news, you’re going to see doom and gloom. So I encourage you To stop watching the news, I’m not saying live in a cave and don’t pay attention to things. find other ways to consume the media, whether it’s using an online news feed, or listening to the radio just to get a quick update as to what’s going on, if it’s applicable to you. And just do it that way, limit your consumption out of it, because if you watch the news for hours on end, even if you’re the most jovial, happy, go lucky individual on the planet, you’re gonna feel down, depressed, maybe anxious. And all of those types of situations can lead to stress which and then turns leads to burnout and you want to avoid that. And when you do these things, when you’re not eating well, and you’re consuming content that’s not good and isn’t uplifting to you and encourages you on the great things in life and even during a pandemic. There are amazing things going on, on the planet. Weather is really beautiful in many ways. parts of the world. You know, we’re we’re starting to get to hang out with friends again in certain areas. But all of these things are positive, your breathing your vertical, that’s a good thing. You wake up tomorrow morning, that’s a good thing. You’re alive. There’s a lot of people that don’t have that option. They lose that option. So every day is a new opportunity for you to live the life that you want and deserve to live. But when you don’t take care of yourself, and you’re not doing the self care, you’re consuming garbage. And it has a domino effect. And what happens is those dominoes start to fall. And then you have the stress, you have the burnout, then you start having the mental issues and the physical issues, which can lead to a year of worst case scenarios as a wild example. That’s reality. For me, you know, I had my year of worst case scenarios, very fortunate to be alive. I recognize that and I took those losses as an option. opportunity to reinvent myself to make sure that I practice self care to make sure that I limit what I consume, to make sure that I don’t play with dominoes when it comes to negative things in my life. Your assignment is in your journal to write down what areas of your life are you neglecting. This is an honest exercise for you need to do some self examination and write down the areas where you wish things were better in your life. Write them down