My Personal Experience

So in this video I want to talk about self criticism, self judgment necessary for improvement. Because I know there are many people out there like me in the past who thinks that self improvement requires self criticism. But for my experience, this is not the case. So let me share with you a personal experience. It took me a long time to realize this. So I used to write a lot of music and uploaded on my YouTube channel, where I would share my music with the world. Now, every time I upload a music video, I would always feel that it’s bad. And every time I finish writing a piece, I would always think that it’s not good enough. I mean, surprisingly, no one ever gave me downvotes. Maybe I got like one or two every teen videos. So a lot of this self criticism was happening inside. My music wasn’t that bad. But in my own mind, it was, as I thought it was necessary to carry the self criticism to improve my music. So I drove myself harder and harder telling myself this piece is not perfect, I have to redo it. So I would redo a piece like, I will write the piece and 40 different styles until I find the perfect one. The only me share with you that experience a Western in western a happy experience. Those years of writing music was painful. Every day I would judge myself I would feel I wasn’t good enough. I would fear people thinking the same way. As I judged myself. It was only after I realized that If I really wanted to do something, I should do it with a happy mind. That is when I told myself, I have to accept myself for who I am. And just write whatever and stop caring about what other people may think it is. Then my music started to improve. I started to criticize myself less. I started to just let my music write itself. That’s when the creativity started to flow. I started to question, okay, what do I want? And if it’s not, and it’s really not perfect, because I feel that it’s already perfect. You see in the past, I would always it’s like a person, right? When you see a person, you can always find something that you don’t like about them. But if you tell yourself to accept that person for who they are, you start to look at the positive sides of that person. And that shift and tality allowed me to look at my pieces and tell myself, hey, that’s actually quite good. And let’s stop it there, I’m not going to write another 40 different types of pieces. So basically what I’m trying to say is to self improve, just requires the intention to self improve. encouragement can lead to improvement. And likewise, self criticism can lead to improvement. But one is a happy road. Another is the path towards misery. And so I would like you to know that I would like you to know that so that you can take the path of happiness, to encourage yourselves instead of criticizing yourself. Encourage yourself to do better. congratulate yourself for what you have done. That’s how you improve. That’s how you release the limitations with so that crazy tivity can flow.