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Project Management Fundamentals is the shortest, most basic Project Management course from Mike Clayton and OnlinePMCourses.

At, you’ll find a wide range of free and paid resources for new and learning project managers. These include three tiers of core training programs, designed for Project Managers with different levels of needs and expectations:

  • Project Manager’s Fast Start Program for a manager or professional who wants to feel confident taking on a small to mid-size project. It covers all the basics
  • Project Manager’s Skills Mastery Program for a manager or professional who is serious about succeeding in the first significant project, and whoo sees project management as becoming a vital part of their job. A solid grounding for starting a PM role.
  • Project Manager’s Immersion Program for a manager or professional who is committed to making their next project the successful foundation of a long-term project management career, or for tackling a larger, more challenging project. It’s a solid grounding for a challenging PM role or moving from small projects to a PM career.PMP

You will also find a wealth of:

  • Free content – long-form articles on all aspects of project management, and short, informational videos
  • Resource kits, like checklists and templates
  • Skills courses on specific Project Management topics and core professional effectiveness skills like leadership, delegation, and conflict management

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