Monthly Growth Topic

In this section, we’re going to do some research. What I’m gonna encourage you to do is to learn something. And that means whether it be taking some sort of mini course or just simply reading an article, watching an educational video, whatever’s on your mind, it could be the you already know what your goal is going to be for the upcoming month. And you might watch something educational about that topic. Or maybe you’re not sure what you want to have your goal be for the next 30 days. But there’s things you’ve always wanted to learn. suggestion is to learn something and write some notes about it, learn some information, take down your notes, maybe look at a couple different articles on it. And this is going to be the foundation for you being able to do self directed learning and leveraging the vast amount of information that’s on the internet. Some of its not so good, but a lot of it’s really high quality. And the difference between a lot of coaching programs that people pay a lot of dollars, for and Simply self study is in the coaching programs, the focus is on implementation of the content. Well, if this program, the 30 day growth club is focused on you implementing content, and implementing ideas and strategies, you’ll notice that there are plenty of strategies you can find on YouTube videos, podcasts, other books, or giveaway books that experts perhaps give with where you opt in for an email address or so forth. And so this is really about you committing to learning something new, every single month. Now, if you’re not sure what that topic is, you can wait until after you set your goal for the month and come back to this. But I encourage you, outside of this program to be looking to learn something new. It really goes to that same concept of looking at school, if you talk to some kids and they only want to learn what they learn in school. And then there’s others that want to learn more outside. If you look at employees, some employees say I’m only going to learn whatever I’m taught inside My job, and the ones that evolve. Usually the ones that are reading outside articles or learning something new, are constantly growing. So the theme of this is just to be learning something new, growing in some way, it might or might not be information that directly serves you. And you can always circle back. If you find that you have a more precise goal or you studied one thing, and then you set your goal and you want to learn more. But somewhere in here, we want you getting new information from other sources other than just your inner circle of friends and family, and from outside sources that give you a sense of a different perspective of what’s going on in the world, or with your goal or the industry or whatever it is you’re aiming for. And once you complete this, then you’re ready to move on to the next section.