Module 1

Hello, Jane Miller here, find your work. And you’re here in module one and just getting started. Now I want to give you just a few minutes a month, step number one, assess, because I find it’s really important to give yourself some time and the gift of really looking at yourself. Because as you do, it’ll help you to find clarity. It’ll help us to create our goals and a vision that we have for our future and help us to craft this awesome encore plan that we’re working on. And so where I’d like you to start are is and you’ve got the workbook all printed out and online. These links are hot, okay, so if you’re either on the PDF or the word document on your computer, you will be able to Click on each one and go to an assessment. I’ve listed five there. And the first five are actually through cruelty. And I’m partnering with them to provide these assessments for you. I’d like you to take a few days to take these assessments. They each only take about 20 minutes apiece, but I’d like you to take the assessment, get the result and really look and view and read them and see what you might come away with. Now, let me show you what goes on with these. So once you click on the link, it’s going to take you to Trudy and again I’m partnering with them on behalf of you. And these report reports are ready to go. You won’t be charged for this unless you you know somehow one an advanced record or something but you and I I can work on that later. But for example, this first one is the actually based on the Myers Briggs personality test. So once you go down through and answer the questions, and there will be several pages of questions, and it does tell you how to mark the test. For example, the first one, the statement is I try not to draw attention to myself, and then you would mark here on a scale if that’s accurate for you or not so accurate. So you just go on down the line in that manner. And when you’re complete again, you’re going to get on the screen, the results and also they will be sent the email. And what I like about Trudi and why I partner with them is they then Have this learn tab and you can learn about the test that you’re taking the assessment, see what the background is and how it can help you. Now, when you do, click on learn, there’s going to be extra articles, a blog post here, all based on the personality that you just discovered. So when you are back here and you get your results, you can also go on this really great tab here. This talks all about the different types of personality and for me, so I’m ENFP. And it’ll we’ll talk about what that means give you an overview, start to look at your strengths, and they’ll give you some ideas of what careers are very well suited and This is important because as we craft our encore, whether that is for a new career or whether that is something in your retirement, these are great places to get some ideas. And the reason I do want you to try different assessments if each one is crafted a little differently and it will give you a different insight, so take some time again a few days to go down through these assessments and take them pour over them. I think you’re going to really like them a lot. Now, I do want to go back to our workbook. And there is one more assessment that I’ve included here. And this is a self analysis questionnaire. This is based on Napoleon hills. Think and Grow Rich And I really like this analysis, because it’s, while it looks a little long, what you do is you go down through and you check off some of the things that pertain to you. And it’ll give you a picture of maybe some places in your life where things are holding you back, and maybe some things that are propelling you, propelling you forward. So here I have a little bit of background about Napoleon Hill’s personality test. And as you go down through to the end, you will see the link where you can go to the actual analysis. And as you can, as you can see, and I’m paging down. It’s quite a lot of questions. So take some time, answer yes and no printed out. It’d be easy to do that way. I love assessments that can help us look a little deeper. So that’s step number one, take the assessments, get the results, take some time to pour over them, because then what you’re going to do is analyze your results based on all this great information you’re getting. So the main points are, what strengths jumped out at you. Are there some weaknesses that seemed to be apparent? What are some things that might have surprised you, as you not only took the assessments but read the results and looked at the answers? Johnsons things down that are really going to be helpful for you as you realize, and live your encore. For me. Things that kept popping up as far as being a champion, an advocate A guide as Sage for people kept appearing and all the different assessments. And so I like that was a process all of them. And I wanted to include that, in my own opinion reading all this, you will discover what your passion really is. And we’ve talked a little earlier in the introduction about, think about what passion is passion is really energy. It’s different than purpose, which we’re going to get into in a little bit here. But passion is your energy. So can you get a sense and I think you will have where your passion lies. So those are just the first two steps in the module one that I’d like you to focus on here. And as you do, send me an email and let me know how you made out and and the analysis That you found. So let’s work on these for the next couple days here in module one. And then I’ll see you the next time with more. Thanks so much. This is Jay Miller. Let’s go find our audience.