Right now I said I will talk about prerequisites. Yeah, basically about lining up the ducks, if you like, to actually get into get into your online course making, and kind of like this picture is sort of, you know, it’s kind of it’s ordered, but it’s obviously not. Actually, creativity with imagery, by the way is something that’s very, very important, but we’ll get to that a little bit later. Okay, let’s open up. So, one prerequisite is space. Now, I don’t mean this kind of space. But I do mean having a place where you can retreat to and work calmly over a period of time. And I know how difficult that can be. I lived in Paris for 10 years. I lived in very small apartments there. I don’t know if you’ve seen the film delicatessen. But there are all sorts of banging noises and street noise and trumpet ears, and saxophonists and neighbors and TV sets and people trampling on rooftops and you name it, we had it, okay over 10 years, but nonetheless, I was able to make the And so what finding a space means is thinking creatively about where you can retreat to at what time in order to give yourself that mental and physical space and quietude in which to ideate, to to develop the curriculums of your courses, then actually teach them in a relatively quiet, literally quiet environment. Yeah, excuse me, that can be very, very important in terms of what you’re trying to do here. So one, prerequisite is try to think about how you how and where you can have some space. Now, you know, some of you may have kids running around and you know, you may have all sorts of other challenges, in which case, yes, it is going to be a case of actually working into the night or getting up super early and actually having that that peace and quiet early in the morning. Yeah, but you are going to need a little bit of space. Okay. That is, I would say a prerequisite. space time Yeah. The space time continuum. Time is another is another is another aspect of this, particularly at the start, it’s going to take you a little time to just get into this and start devising a curriculum, start getting some confidence in front of a camera, starting to actually teach a curriculum, starting to understand how you can structure the flow of ideas together in an audio visual experience that captures an audience. Now, in this course that you’re taking right now, I’m going to try to guide you on some very important approaches with that and some tricks and techniques with that, okay. But, you know, just face up to the fact it will require some time. But the important thing about time is that time management is a complete fallacy. Time cannot be managed. Time can only be prioritized. Anything you can do is choose wants to do. Yeah. You can’t do it all yet. It’s just simply not possible. So you have to choose you have to have priorities. Okay. And Gary Keller’s book. The one thing was tremendously valuable for me when I read it. Okay, the idea that, in fact, if you keep focusing on one thing, and you keep hammering away at that over a period of time, you get that Domino to fall, the next Domino will be bigger. Yeah. The other thing I think, which is valuable, is that people greatly overestimate what they can do in one year. And they greatly underestimate what they can do in 10 years. And the point being, that if you keep going at something and keep practicing and developing it, and you keep doing course, after course, after course, what’s going to happen is that your skill levels are going to go up, your awareness of the market’s going to go up massively, your connection with students is going to increase fastly. And basically, over time, you will have prioritize something that actually brought your results. So when you think about time, actually think about focus, and you know, focus time, space time, right? Bring these things together, bring them together in a unifying principle for yourself in your own circumstances. And mindset. Yeah, it is tremendously important in online course making to be a producer, not a consumer. And in any kind of online business, you really absolutely need to be thinking about being a producer and a publisher, a maker, a creator, a crafter. A builder, you know, the point is that you’re active, and you’re doing, you’re actually making Yeah, and it’s so tempting when you start at the, at the stage when you start to validate your idea, particularly or validate your course, or, or do some market research, and we’ll get into that later on. But at the stage, you’re doing that. It’s so easy to go down a rabbit hole of acquisition and consumption. Okay? Please don’t do that. Keep fixed in your mind. Be a producer, you know, Seth Godin says, you know, it’s all about shipping. It’s all about actually getting the thing out right? It’s not about procrastinating and worrying and then deciding to buy the other exciting 10 books or, or courses or whatever else out is out there promising to deliver your riches. You know, just don’t go there. Don’t be a consumer be a producer. Alright.