Hey guys, and welcome back. Today, you’re gonna learn about mind mapping your book, you probably think what’s mind mapping. Mind Mapping is basically you’re going to brainstorm everything about your book topic. Now, it’s very simple. It’s like anything that you that you start off with, you just want to basically brain dump everything that you know. And we’re going to do that, which away we call mind mapping. Now, right now I have my book pad, and I have a pen. And I’m going to show you an example on how I did my mapping. And I’ve done that for both of my books, which you can see right, these two over here, that’s how I started, the first things I put on paper. So my mapping is, let’s say, from my next book, I’ll be writing how to write a book. Now I’m going to use my three step methodology that I use to help people to write their books. So go like this. So just make a circle over here. And I’ll write how to write a book. You guys probably can’t see that much. But I’m going to try. And basically, what I’m going to do is I go through three steps. So mine is plan is my first step. Plan partner is my second step, partner, and then publish. So now, because I already have a three step process, and I’ve practiced it for a long time, it’s natural, but you might not have the steps, you might, you might not even be organized. So you might just dump things, whatever, all your ideas into it, right. And again, what you do is, so let’s say I got under the plan, this is my first step, you have to market research, right? Because usually, I should have done it in other videos, market research, kind of market research, know your purpose for your book, that’s a big one, right? know the purpose. You want to know your audience, which goes under market research. In fact, I could, I could even put it over here as another, like a tree that connects it. So basically, what you’re going to do is, you’re going to spend five minutes, maybe six or seven, depending put a timer and you want to brain dump everything that you can on the piece of paper. Now, do not worry about organizing or getting or getting everything perfect, don’t worry, that’ll be in the next lesson. But for this lesson, you want to thread, brain dump everything that you know about your topic, if it’s relationships, put everything in all the lessons principles, quote, is whatever, or what your chapters might be, it doesn’t matter, you just brain dump. And then in the next lesson, I’m going to show you how you can begin to actually organize it in a way that it makes sense and that it flows nicely. So hope you guys found value in this lesson. Again, once once you finish this video, go take a piece of paper and write down and brain dump everything. Make sure you have a timer. Some people some people like to do it on the laptop and you know have different software to do it. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it. And yeah, so that is what we call mind mapping. And I will see you now in the next video.