Mindfulness at Work

At work you’re being asked to perform and thrive in environments that move and change us at increasingly fast pace. To become more adaptable and flexible in this environments, you need to move beyond familiar or habitual ways of seeing the world and open up new ways of listening, working with others responding and innovating. Studies of mindfulness in the work context have shown that increases in mindfulness are associated with increased creativity and decreased burnout, laying the foundation for better decision making and communication. Mindfulness helps individuals to recognize slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions to cope better and respond more effectively to complex or difficult situations, to develop positive strategies for dealing with workplace stress and pressure. To see things more clearly, to improve self regulation, self management to manage emotions more effectively and more efficiently, to become more creative and to improve performance around tasks. mindful leadership is all about authenticity. being authentic to yourself through self awareness. Authenticity involves being true to your beliefs, your values, and your principles of mindful leadership involves being more effective in understanding empathizing and relating to other people, motivating them towards shared goals. mindful leadership reduces stress, anxiety and conflict and improves communication in the workplace. Mindfulness encourages you to optimize some balance your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual energy. The four types of energy are inextricably linked, and they feed off one another. Your physical energy gives you the greatest quantity. It enables alertness and vitality. It improves your ability to concentrate, manage emotions, think clearly and creatively. It maintains your focus and it enhances your resilience. Your physical energy is fueled by nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, and daily energy cycles. Your emotional energy is of highest quality. emotional energy enables emotional connection and engagement with others. This is helped by rewarding relationships, patience, self confidence, self control, empathy and trust, relaxation, and enthusiasm. Your mental energy gives you the clearest focus within your mental energy. It gives you the ability to focus to organize and to be creative. It enables flexibility in the realistic search for solutions. mental energy is fueled by preparation and visualization, positive thinking and effective time management, creativity, and relaxation and spiritual energy is vitally important. This gives the greatest force. Spiritual energy provides you with a source of motivation and provides direction. It encourages perseverance. It feels commitment and belief in authenticity, and a sense of personal alignment. And spiritual energy is fueled by your character and your connection to purpose and values, your passion and commitment, your integrity, your honesty, and the balance of service to others with self care. cultivating attention and awareness through mindfulness provides an easy way for you to live all aspects of your life with a greater sense of skill, connection and openness and balance.