Making the Model (with Resources)

PDF Black & White Platonic Solids Cut-outs

PDF Colored Platonic Solids Cut-outs

Now, we’re up to making the model of the platonic solids and you have a choice between the color set, which you see here. And the black and white set. If you wish to save your color ink in your printer, choose the black and white set. But if you want a spectacular model, and the color one is the way to go, note that whichever set you choose, you have to print the dodecahedron twice This is the model we’re going to make. It’s an icosahedron. inside an octahedron, in green, inside a tetrahedron, in yellow, inside a cube in red, inside a dodecahedron in blue. Once you’ve downloaded and printed out the PDFs, all you need is scissors and sticky type to put these together. This is what they look like. Here is the icosahedron inside the octahedron and that is inscribed in a tetrahedron which isn’t Turn is inscribed in a cube. And finally inscribed in the dodecahedron. There are two, if you choose the black and white set, it’s going to look like the top one. Once again, our model it’s an icosahedron ingrain inscribed in an octahedron in black, inside a tetrahedron in red, inside a cube in blue inside a dodecahedron sometimes I run workshops for trainees, teachers and this one is aantal. Sonic solids and here’s some photos of them making the models and those trainee math teachers are from roid rage upad in Thailand it’s time to download the worksheet which looks at the solids in detail. Now, the worksheet can be printed back to back in black and white. And we’ll start by looking at the net of each of the salts