Tips inspired by the book, “How to Speak so People Listen: Grab Their Attention and Get Your Message Heard” by Mike Clayton.

How to speak. So people listen. One Minute Tips, people will listen when you listen to them. So let’s have a look at how really good listening works. And the first and most important factor is to pay attention. And as you pay attention, start to quiet and that little voice in your head. When you find yourself commenting on what you’re hearing, calm that voice down and put your own opinions to one side. Now, become aware of your listening. Whenever thoughts intrude, set them aside and pay attention. And here’s an important one. When the other person stops speaking, now is not the time to dive in with an immediate response. Pause. Think about what they’ve said. That way, not only will your response be better, but you’re also paying a compliment Giving them the impression that what they said was important enough to make you think. When you’re listening, make sure that you use the occasional tag phrases like, aha, I see a nod your head, use body language to show that you’re listening from when someone is finished speaking, and you need to play that back to them. Make sure that the first way that you play it back to them, repeats some of the important words that they’ve used the actual words. And only as you do that again and develop your thinking, can you paraphrase what they’ve said, using your own words to test your understanding? Finally, summarize what they’ve said and move on. Only when you become skilled at listening to other people. Can you expect them to want to listen to you