Launch Your Course

You’re welcome to the final stage of testing your ideas, your concept your book into a course, stage eight or lesson eight, that is to a launch and sell hard willing to launch your course and sell hard once you publish on any of the platforms, and you’re ready to sell you need to launch it. So this is what you need to do you need to develop a launch strategy to get more sales. So pre launch, what do you do if you have a mailing list send messages to them that all in the next five, three days or week upcoming as a cost come if you’re ready to sign up, there’s 20% or 50% off, give them a discount for elderly subscribers or those ones can warn you of course, you announced your course give them huge discount for those best few people to enroll in your course. So you sell the course to them, use your if you have a mailing list, sell it to them. If you have the group on Facebook, sell it to them. If you want to sell gyms use every platform possible to market and sell your course. Let me give you a simple illustration on it. Selling, assuming assuming you have just a middle, so only 500 people, or WhatsApp or 500 people or phase group of only 500 people, that’s your platform. You announced your course as your cost is price. Let’s use this year, wider net $7. And when you get 25% of the members, there’s 5% of your 500 people in the group on the list only 5% of them to me in a room. That is about 25 people, and each of the 25 p $197. That is you’re raking in 4000 Naira and $75 Yes, yes for 25 people $4,905. So do the math. If you have huge numbers in your groups in your mailing list and usually three to 5% of them sign up. Look at the amount of money you are making based on the price, how much you’re selling your Costco. So the point is that causes a huge how many books we sell to hit about 4000 thousand dollars cooler, you mean the book is just $2. So courses are awesome ways and ways even give it to them easily and fast. And once you develop great content content that will help people they hunt your life, and you are good to go. And, of course can even sell up like $2,000, or whatever the point, of course contains the models and all that. So going through this process of creating your course, is now up to you to decide to quit more courses, relevant courses because it will help your client your customers, students globally, meeting their needs 70 of problems. So go through the process again, launch your course launch it real hard and sell keep selling, selling and the bonuses. If you have a book, you can always sell your book also as a course material to your students or advertise your courses. link in your book on Amazon or any other platform so that those who purchase your book can also click links and may want to sign up for the course as well. So you can use that to cross promote either courseware so