3. Keyword Research With Helium 10 Cerebro (Reverse Asin)

Hey, welcome to my computer. Welcome to Lesson number two. And now we’re going to be using this Cerebro tool in order to identify relevant phrases for our listing that we’re going to be using in our listing. And let’s see how we do it. How do we use Cerebro? What is Cerebro? Cerebro allows us to find the competition keywords, the keywords that are our competitors are ranking for and see exactly where they’re ranking which position and which keywords they’re ranking for, in order for us to see, alright, these are relevant to us. These are our competitors, we can grab these keywords from them in order to rank for them as well to get sales because if they’re already getting sales from these keywords, and they’re identical to us, that’s a good opportunity for us. So let me show you how it’s done. Let me show you a few techniques on how to do it best and let’s sign into helium 10. Here on the left, we’re gonna have the Cerebro right. That’s the Cerebro tool. Let me get inside here. We’re going to post the essence of the competitors, right the ACM and we can post a few agents and then it’s going to spit out all the keywords that this given acent is ranking for. Now, as with the magnets video, we don’t really need all the parts here of the Cerebro if If you want to learn more about the Cerebro tool, I’ll link a video up here and in the description my video about Cerebro were a deep dive into this to explain everything about this tool and it’s pretty cool and also we have it here if you could learn you can get all the information from helium but let me show you how it’s done in the best way for our course and it’s going to pretty much save you time and get you the best yours how well first we’re going to go to Amazon in order to identify the specific case and let’s type in kitchen knife right so kitchen knife is our keyword for example. Now what do we need to do is we need to find the most relevant agents or competitors that are pretty much alike our products that we’re going to launch and if you remember from the last lesson Our product is pretty much a knife like this it’s SR knife it’s not a set it doesn’t have any sort of say additions to it. We’re not going to sell it with any sharpeners or any other tools for a knife right only the knife itself packed in really nice box. Now what you also need to remember aside from remembering how our product works, and what it is is the price of the item so we want to identify competition. That are pretty much in the same price range, because sometimes you might have a knife like this, which maybe even looks pretty much the same, but the price is really low and therefore it might be competing in different categories or different different keywords. So we just need to identify something that’s pretty much the same as ours in terms of prices in terms of how it looks category and stuff like that. So what we do now is we’re going to identify them. How do we do that we have so many knives here and it’s pre overwhelming if we’re just going to go and look like this for this helium 10 invented helium 10. So if you go to your Chrome extension, here we have the helium 10 X ray, if you don’t have the X ray yet, and it looks pretty much like this, then you need to download it and it’s going to be linked in description down below. It’s free to use and it gives you a bird’s eye view of the market. So for example, instead of going through each product, just menu and stuff like that, if you click on the X ray, you’re going to get all the products in front of you bird’s eye very comfortable to work in. If you are not familiar at all with this to X ray again, I Here I’ll link a video that gives you a brief brief explanation about the X ray and it’s a pretty long video created goes very in depth also in the description, you’ll find it and again, if you are not familiar, you can check it out. But again, we just need a few things here just to understand so first we have the revenue of the market here of the agents that are showing and the average revenue the bestseller rank average price is the essence here the brands categories prices, sales revenues, right review count, review velocity, we don’t need all of this now what do we is the sales we want to see that highest sales up here. So essentially want to see who’s selling the most, which are the aces that are selling the most. And then once we’ve done that, we’re going to see what aces that are familiar to us that are selling the most right, let’s do it now. So you go on the left here on the aces and we’re gonna identify kitchen knife so knife sharpener, no does not have to do anything with us. That’s a really cheap knife. Remember, I’ve mentioned that we need something in our price range. So if we compare us to the price that we saw before, let me show you it again. This product, right, we’re pretty much like this. So let’s say that our goal price is going to be somewhere between 20 and $35, for example, so if we click here again, to go back to the extension, we want to find something in this price range. And we have a segmented here or something that save history. And we don’t need this knife because it’s too cheap. This is a set this is well this might be relevant, but it’s a bit higher, it’s $35. But let’s skip it for now. Right We have this knife I that’s the 31 bucks, we were going to take it for sure we have another one, which looks pretty much the same looks like the one that we’re going to be competing with $25 perfect. That’s for example $100. So that’s kind of out of our range, although the keywords might be pretty much relevant, but it might be in a different niche a bit might be a specific knife that is a bit of a different category. So we better go in the same price that we have identified before. So we have this one which might be pretty cool for us, which looks pretty much the same. That’s a bit cheap. That’s $15 that’s the sick whoever books a bit different. Oh, that’s a yellow spine. Oh spine. As at 98, but still it’s pretty cool. You know, the handbooks cheap 16 Oh, that’s so something we’re $20 where was that oaks like $20 night. That’s pretty cool. So we have five products up until now. So our goal is to find out five aces, five aces would be fine for us, because we want to identify all the keywords from them, we can try and work by 70 cents You can find more or less computers, I’ll just go with five here. And let me even identify something else because the other one I think it was a santoku knife, which is a bit different knife. So let’s go with this one for example. And now as we have all the aisense now we’re going to go and open them, but I just wanted to remove this one, right Perfect. Now we have the five products, five aces, and what do we do with them, we need to input them the most relevant ones that we found into Cerebro. So we copy the rest. So let’s take one number one, number two, number three, pretty funny Ace and nine, nine x nine x nine x and number four, we’re gonna take this night and the last night pretty cool. Looks good back. There. We’ll click on Get yours. So we’re gonna get few words from all of these aces that we just identified as our future competitors. And if you’re enjoying the video for now, then please select this video is going to show me that you do like it that you’re watching up until this point, it’s pretty exciting for me because I’m doing my best in order for making it easy to understand information that’s going to help you get a better listing. Well, you know, pretty much as in all my other videos, and if you also like it, subscribe, it’s a free course, if you’re not familiar, it’s a free course than is going to be in the description as well. Yes, this is a part of a free course where we optimize the listing with the help of helium 10, or even amazon.com to create a pretty cool dynamic lists. So now we are here in the Cerebro we have all the keywords that these five aces are ranking for and the stem thousand keywords. It’s pretty a lot, right. We don’t really need all of them. Our goal is to identify the most important phrases that we are going to use later on in our listing in order to build our list from the phrase and how we’re going to identify it by a few things. So first, we have the position and rank and what I do here is I do One to 20. What does it mean? That means that all these five agents are going to be shown or their keywords are going to be shown from position one to position two, it means only the ones that are positioned on page number one, which is about position one to 20 are going to be shown in our new data that we’re going to that helium 10 is going to spit you see, that’s going to narrow down the list of the keywords right, what are the next is ranking competitors? Let’s do it for minimum four. And what does it mean? That means that from all the final, we’ve identified, at least four must have keywords that are positioned between position one and 20 that are going to be shown to us and you understand what we’re doing here we’re narrowing down our search to the most relevant keywords to those that are given us the most the most, so to say relevancy. These are the ones that are getting sales and are ranked on higher positions for all these companies. We click on Apply and we’ll put we have we have two 342 keywords you see, we’ll narrow down the list from what was that 10,500 to 342 keywords. Let’s click on search volume here and now. We have almost The top keywords here showing, right these are our top keywords that are relevant to all the listings that all of the listings or at least four of them are ranking for now, it’s a big list your 342 is a pretty big list, what you can do is you can narrow it down how you narrow it down, and we want the highest we want the highest density keywords or just the highest search volume keywords for us to appear. So we click on 1000. Here minimum search volume 1000, you did 500 you can play with it again, but I’ve identified is 1000 because there are quite many keywords. So for this niche, that’s going to be enough sometimes maybe even without typing in search volume, you’re going to get all the relevant viewers on issues differ but so what do we have identified within the for cefs? Knife we’ll see 14 chef’s knife, kitchen knife, chef’s knife, chef knife, Cookie knife, Japanese chef knife missing chef knife, sharp knife, Japanese cooking knife, so what does it mean all of these are ranking well for all these agents. You see, that’s the exciting part here. So we just identified the keywords that we’re going to be using pretty much throughout our listing and he’s going to give the most So probably from these we’re going to build our title we’re going to build our bullets we want to feature them the most because these are the moneymakers for us and our other less also to see other longer tails will be identified by magnet as well and generally we’re going to be using them as well as part of our copywriting part but what is very important is having these main keywords because these are the moneymakers guys and this just proves it because all of them all these agents that are selling very well are ranking well on these keywords. So what do we do next? Once we’ve identified them we’re going to go through the list again right because we want to see maybe something is still not relevant to us for example, we can see Japanese chef knife now if your knife is actually not Japanese, and you know you have some sort of other chef knife and Japanese isn’t something that’s not as not nothing to do with you. You can delete it or if you’re, for example, the butcher knife for meat cutting well if your knife is not exactly aimed at butchers, although it seems that all of these are then it should be relevant but say you’re not Japanese Nice you remove the Japanese remove this and we have only 14 filter keywords we have and you see we have also missing kitchen knife that might be a brand name so you can also remove it that’s up to you the brand names we can find as in the previous lesson through the magnetic thread names can be used for your listing I’m going to show to you in the in the next lessons of the course how we play with this brand names. It is a beat against us placing brand names in your listing so it’s up to you but in the next lesson I’m going to show you how it’s done. For example, let’s remove it for now and we have what we have whether 14 keywords left here or a bit less actually now and these are the most important for us. What do we do next with them we’ll get a copy them to our clipboard. Okay, we’ve copied all of these phrases. And then we’re going to our Excel where we have the magnet keywords and we’re creating a new sheet here and let’s call it main phrases Cerebro as you wish so you remember best whatever suits you better is you know, so you type in relevant phrases or relevant phrases and then you’re going to do Copy paste it into here. So now we have the magnet keywords we found we found the Cerebro phrases that are most important for us and now in the next lesson that is going to apcom here is going to be appearing here now in the corner. So to say we’re going to go and find misspellings for other keywords for our listing, we’re gonna find misspellings. And the lesson after it is going to be about Spanish keywords. So go and watch it now. It’s pretty good.