8. Keyword Optimization With Frankenstein & Scribbles

Hey, welcome to my computer. Welcome to helium 10. And I want to say congratulations to you because in the previous lessons we actually understood and gathered all the necessary keywords for our listing, we understood the density we understood what builds the listing what kinds of keywords there are. That’s pretty awesome. I think now we’re going to do in this lesson we’ll be using Frankenstein and scribbles tools from helium 10. In order to process our listing even deeper into the scribble stool we’re going to be actually building our listing now let me show you how the Frankenstein towards because in this tool, we’re going to be processing our keywords mainly from the magnet in order to narrow down the list even more and to remove all sorts of gentle keywords and stuff we don’t really need so let’s sign in is helium 10 Don’t forget that you can create a free Hilton account in the description down below you have all the coupons there in this video is actually part of my free Hilton playlist or so to say free helium 10 optimization course which is also gathering the playlist is gonna be more comfortable for you to watch it’s going to do in the description. It’s pretty awesome. Enjoy. Thank you drop, like if you like it, keep commenting. Thank you for the comments so far. It’s pretty cool. So let’s go to Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a key word processor, you will get a process or keywords and what is the process let me show so we’re going to go to the Excel and we’re going to copy over keywords from the magnet and have them selected here I’m going to copy them and the reason being is even if you’re gonna go through a magnet and really deeply clean all your keywords, they’re still you might have some unnecessary keywords or maybe things like as we called him common words like the n r, you know stuff like that. And in general we’re going to create from these phrases we’re going to break them down into SR keywords by clicking here actually one word phrase blank and we’ll show you in a second in order for us to have the keywords the single keywords to build our listing from how does the practice tank your processor even work so here on the left, you’re going to input your original keywords and here we have different output settings. That means what’s gonna happen once the keywords are processed, so we’re going to remove duplicates, which is you see it straightaway removes duplicate words. For example, a kitchen kitchen The next thing we want to do is we want to one word phrase per So we’re going to use it as one word we don’t need to maintain phrases we don’t want to the CEF knife to stay the same because we already have our phrases from the Cerebro there’s a motorbike going on so we do not use a maintain phrases we are removing common words as well so everything like the air is going to be removed now because in the magnet part I didn’t go through through all the lists you can see some sort of say some keywords that are not even that don’t have anything to do with the kitchen knife that we’re working on right so let me quickly do it right now but for you you have to do that in the magnet part of the listing remember when we remove the unnecessary keywords when we go through the listing right through the keywords pretty good now so I’ve Google finished now going through the list I removed all the unnecessary keywords and here we are process them now they all the phrases are broken into words and I’ll soon show you in the next part in the scribbles Why is it good? So these keywords are going to be building your listing. So what you’re going to see essentially after you go through all your magnet process, we’re going to see that for the listings that are being created in Amazon and your competition. Straight they’re not actually using that big amount of keywords okay because from these keywords that we use and you see we’re only for example 23 here we can build a lot of bigger keywords so for example we can mix for example cooking kitchen knife and chef knife for husband for example or chef’s knife all this is going to build your listing so you’re gonna have the relevant keywords I just kind of segmented them by having the most relevant example butcher might be relevant to boost off is a brand name right oh this is you can actually identify in the appropriate parts of the listing as well of the listing creation you know what do we have the competitors and in your previous phases of magnet right so after we’ve finished to see queening the the phrases on the left we have these keywords left, what do we do next we have some other parts of the Frankenstein here again, if you want to go deeply into Frankenstein you can click on learn here, but I’m just showing you exactly what you need in order to process it quickly. But there are many more different options here. Next, we’re gonna go to scribble so essentially click on scribbles here. It’s going to transfer all these keywords to scribbles to the next part and let’s do it now. So click on square And you can see that in the scribbles which is the list building tool. As you can see here, the listing optimizer we have all these keywords on the left What do we do next I want to add to this list I want to add our other phrases so for example all the competition keyword right so that was just one for us here is going to be appropriate to your listing of course, we’re going to add the spelling mistakes which for us was the house essent Dale says you remember and let’s go to Cerebro phrases we have all these phrases here right the phrases want to add them as well. Now we’re adding all the stuff that we’re going to be creating our listing from density we don’t really need that we’ll use the density once we’re going to be building the listing in the next lesson so be prepared for this and we also add the Spanish keywords that we added here we click on Apply Now what happened we’ve added all the keywords on the left we’ve applied and what do we see here? So we’re gonna have all the singular words that build already see here and we have all the phrases like chef knife, kitchen knife, chef’s knife, all the main phrases now what are these colors so this is the life and color scribbles is pretty awesome to build for your listing and why because for example, the red color indicates a phrase that has high search volume and the yellow or orange where that is is going to be smaller search volume and the green one is going to be even smaller until we get to the blue one and until we get to the gray one which is the low Same goes for the keywords now this is a pretty awesome thing because we can see what is relevant for us because we want to for example, when we go to creating the title and it’s going to be in the next lesson more in depth, we’re going to see that you want to use highest relevancy and how does highest volume keywords for example, in our title, and from all these that are so say less important that are less than red or green, green or blue, we’re going to be creating the rest of the listing. So for example, we’re going to be having all the stronger keywords somewhere up in the listing for example in the title will definitely gonna include the CEF knife and the kitchen knife because these are irrelevant. These are the most Volume Volume of book keywords as you can say, so I’m going to put them in the title now in this next lesson is going to appear up here we’re going to go and write this listing and we’re gonna go deeper into scribble. So I’m going to explain you some other things about the scribbles so please watch it now. It’s gonna be a cool lesson. About Courtney got some gold nuggets there. See you there.