7. Keyword Density

Hey, welcome to my computer. And now we’re gonna be speaking about keyword density. Now what is keyword density? Why do we need four listings? What is the soul about to enter the keyword density? It means how many times a given keyword is written in our listing? Or how many times does a given keyword appear in our listing. So what do we need to do is we need to identify the density amongst our competitors in order to understand what density we need for our list. And also by going through the density, you understand some features about our products. And we’ll get extra info about our product and our listing, right. So let’s do it right now. So for this, we’re going to have to go back to our Excel table, and we’re going to go to the Cerebro part. Now in the last video of Cerebro. I did not see the Asians here, but I would suggest you saving the essence that you’ve used for your Cerebro Cerebro was lesson number two, it’s in the playlist if you’re not aware, diplomacy is in description. You have all the playlists of this free course but there you have to save the asons that you input in your Cerebro. So here I did save them and the idea behind the density is To check each a second and see what is the density of the keywords there. Let me show you how it’s done. So let’s take this ace in the first one here, we’re going to go to Amazon, we’re going to go find this asen is this poutine kitchen knife we’re going to get inside the product listing or you can find it by looking for the ace in the search or simply by doing something like this, you go amazon.com slash dp slash Jason, it’s also gonna get inside the listing whatever the next How do we know the density, how do we play with it, what we do is we have to copy the title of the agent, we’re gonna copy the bullets of the acent and a description of the acent. If there is such this one doesn’t have because there’s enhanced brand content or a plus content as it’s called now, so we will simply use the title and the bullets, we’re going to copy them to our online keyword density checker, which is going to be in here in a second. Here it is I’m gonna link it in the description as well. And in this one is a free test for the dense. Let me show you how it works. So here you have to input the text that you have and for example, we’re going to copy the title in we’re going to copy the bullets and now I’m I’m going to click on online keyword density checker and what’s going to happen it’s going to give me the density of the keywords and how many times they appear on the listing and also two words density. There’s also even three word dense. So what does it mean when word density it says that that word nyfw appears 13 times throughout the bullets and throughout the title for this given listing, Chef appears seven times hand kitchen handle, what do we understand from this? First, we understand that these are common words and probably very relevant to our listing. And we also understand How many times should we use it in our listing because what we’re going to do is we’re going to take all the listings, all the aces that we’ve used, and we’re going to see the density in all of them and we’re going to see the average for a given keyword. So for example, knife is going to appear 13 times here, but maybe in another listing is going to appear five times right and the another is going to be nine times So essentially, we’re gonna kind of look at the average and from this we can write our own listing of course we’re going to get to that in the copywriting part is going to be in the next lessons, but just so you understand that also two word dense, they’re also three I will usually copy it too. The tour density, I will not copy the three. But you can check these as well. Because here we can also find some good keywords, but not always, you see, here’s job job handle a thickness kitchen knife, you know, it can tell you many things about listing about the thickness, you know, that means people are looking for it. And then if you’re going to see common patterns among all the listings that we’re going to check now, for example, if CEF nyfw appears here and it appears in the other one, and the other one that means is quite irrelevant. Now what you can also do if you want to check for example, the titles separately, you can simply input the titles here and do the density check for the titles only. I’m going to do it for all the listings. So if I have description, bullets and the title, I’m going to just run all of them through it. So let’s do it. Now. Let’s go back to our Excel table. And let’s create a new one and let’s call it simply density and here let’s type in asen. We’re going to copy the asen. And let’s say it’s going to be where do we have the essence here the Cerebro here we have a sent, we copy it we input in the Asian and then we do another one for density For example, then city or we can do it here on the right as you wish depends on how you work with your Excel. We’re gonna do it like that. And then we’re going to go to this website, and we’re gonna copy everything here and look what happens now we enter in this one, and there we have this acent. And this given density, we can see how many times one word two word now when we quickly do it for all the agents, and then I’m going to explain a few things perfect. I have now finished doing the density for all the agents. And let’s see what commonalities we have what we can understand from all these densities that we just we just saw. So for example, let’s take the first ace in this one, we see that the word knife is here, it appears in the first sort of, say density of the first Ace and it also appears here It also appears here knife is very common words. Let’s just fill it in with some yellow color. For example, we have the knife here, we’ll see that it’s the same word and it’s used in every case. And so that’s definitely something that’s very common for us but for example, a steak kitchen Let’s do it in green we have kitchen here we have kitchen here here we don’t have kitchen for some reason we didn’t see kitchen appeared that many times in this specification and you have kitchen here and we have also kitchen here nine times what else do we have? We have chef pretty much everywhere what state the CEF as for example red you can use it as you wish yes you can play with your own colors. It’s just something that allows you to see it in a better way right then let’s have chef here and we have sharp sharp sharp sharp is something a monster I don’t know Oh, these swords take sharp sharp sharp here we have handle handle hand you see handle appear twice, for example, it’s used this kind of color for the hand and the handle is going to appear. For example, in this kind of color handle and we the other ones are not really come but what do we understand from this we see first that these key words are very relevant. We see the CEF kitchen knife is something that is very common for over them also sharp, right that’s unhandled so what can understand that, we’re going to After that in the copy, but part of the listing, and we understand that these skills are not just strolling by SEO, they must be also relevant in terms of writing or listing. So sharpness and we’ll understand again in the future lessons must be very common and must be very interesting and beneficial and very important for our customers. And so to see the handle as well, because you can see hand and handle maybe it’s comfortable for the hand or the handle has a good grip. And also here in the density we have, for example, CEF knife beam here 1234 you see that’s again, a keyword that is very common that we are going to use. And aside from this, you can also as I mentioned before, understands the density. So for example, you can see that the knife word is used 13 times here, 14 times here nine times here, nine seven times here, so you can feel free to use it about the average. So it may be like 10 times for your listing. So for example, if it’s 1314 is the maximum seven is the minimum, you can go somewhere in the middle and what again, we’re going to get that into cooperative part but For example, you can copy your kitchen knife phrase you can use it once in the title for example, once in the bullets once in the description we can maybe also copy it in the back and you see this creates relevancy density and density is actually good for the machine 3d listing because if the machine sees that knife knife knife kitchen kitchen kitchen is in this listing, or Jeff night shift night shift knife, and here’s your six times the chef knife has to scoop the market chef knife chef knife, we don’t have chef knife here, the chef knife here and chef knife here you see it’s used six times three times, four times and eight times. So if you take the average you free to just like five times throughout your listing. Now I wouldn’t use it twice in the title for example, but you can put it in one bullet point and another maybe you can edit the description. So this will create again, relevancy, good density, and this will allow the machine to read your listing better to hold you better in positions to density is a little trick that you can use and further understand because you can see stainless steel is something is common here. So probably it is important for the user or maybe it’s a common material. You can take many things from it, you can understand that maybe Okay, if everybody is doing it from stainless steel, maybe I want to improve it and make it the mask of steel or something you see, you can take it to many, many places. But in terms of density, that’s the way you would want to go with the stable and there are many services for this. By the way, for the keyword density checker, this was just one that I use. I’m gonna link in the description along with all the other goodies, all these descriptions of this course and all my videos of all the goodies and you’re enjoying this lesson up until now like it drop a comment, you’re always welcome to ask if something is not clear to you or is clear to you. I’d be glad to hear your feedback because I think it’s pretty cool course think you’ve learnt some more things about Amazon about all the SEO but the listings from it, and I’m pretty happy. And yeah, that’s the density. So feel free to use it and use it. And now let’s continue to the next lesson, which is going to be up here and then we’re going to sort all of our keywords and then we’re going to dig into scribbles and Frankenstein healed them so please watch now.