Key Learning Points

And that’s everything covered. Really, those are all the procedures that you need to put in place if you provide services to children, young people, vulnerable adults, and the key learning points we’ve had from the course. any organization working with young people or vulnerable adults must firstly have a named and trained individual as the organization’s safeguarding lead. Secondly, have a process for identifying and dealing with safeguarding issues or multiple processes. Thirdly, train staff to identify concerns and have a procedure for raising those concerns within the organization and then raising them up to the appropriate professional bodies. Fourth, undertake regular in service review of concerns and issues and again action as appropriate. Fifth, to refer any concerns raised and identified to the appropriate professionals. Six to collaborate With any properly authorized body that’s investigating safeguarding concerns. Seventh to regularly audit the effectiveness of your safeguarding procedures, and eighth, to make your service users confident, to reveal abuse to a trusted professional. And to do this, you should develop contacts with professionals that you can bring in, if needed, if you feel that a service user is holding something back and needs to talk to somebody needs to deal with a professional. And lastly, we have some resources for further information. Now, the following links are all UK sites, but they are a good source of further information and guidance on safeguarding. And I believe they should be useful in any jurisdiction. So firstly, we have the Care Quality Commission and their information on safeguarding people. It’s provided at the website address Given Next we have the NSPCC e learning site. And there’s lots of information on the safeguarding and Child Protection link given. Also from the NSPCC learning site. There’s information and guidance on writing safeguarding procedures and policies. And that’s the link given. And then finally at the NSPCC, learning links to lots of other resources including government guidance from the various UK governments and other UK bodies on safeguarding. And that’s all for me on safeguarding. I hope this has been helpful. My name is Ross Maynard and I hope this will help you set up and evaluate safeguarding procedures in your organization. Good luck.