Introduction to Understanding Empathy

Hello, my name is Robin hills. I’m an emotional intelligence coach, trainer and facilitator. The online classes I deliver are all based around emotional intelligence. They explore ways so you can develop your emotional intelligence at work, in social settings and at home. Emotional Intelligence could be defined as the way once you combine your thinking with your feelings, to make good quality decisions and build authentic relationships. It all sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But developing your emotional intelligence requires some commitment from you. Rather than just watching a few videos, you need to make a conscious effort to take action, changing the way in which you’re interacting with other people, and the way that you behave. Now, all of this can be quite difficult. It’ll make you feel uncomfortable. It’ll make you feel awkward. More often than not, it’ll be easier to stay the way that you are. That’s not going to develop your emotional intelligence. The way to develop your emotional intelligence is to see how changing your approach to situations works. See what doesn’t work and get some feedback. This emotional intelligence course will give you insights into interpersonal skills, focusing in on empathy and how you can develop your empathy through understanding other people’s thoughts and feelings. being empathetic is a fundamental part of what makes us human. He develops from a very early age through the way our brain forms and grows. There is intelligence in empathy and by understanding emotions and how they’re expressed. you’ll develop your interpersonal skills in emotionally intelligent ways. The practical activity encourages you to look at how you can recognize emotions in other people through the way in which they’re expressed. It encourages you to determine how you interpret this emotional information to build empathy. And so develop your interpersonal skills. So important to stress that in order for you to get the best out of the course, you should work through this activity. I hope you enjoy taking the course and I look forward to working with you. So let’s get started.