Introduction to the Gym

Hello guys, Dr. Zsu here and let me introduce you to these supertech Chima. So finally we got some machines and before you do anything your first thing is we’re comfortable clothing. Okay, if you are in your office clothes, most likely gonna sweat and you’re gonna tear your clothes. So bring an extra t shirt so you change and there’s a shower you can shower. Second of all please wear shoes, okay? That means whenever your body weight is weighed, okay, you are if you are on your foot only, that means that you are going to be bending on your knees, injuring your foot and your hip. So that’s no good. So bring on extra shoes and shoes which has clean soul so you can use it on the treadmill and on the other machine here, okay. Now first of all, we got to warm up, why to warm up. Most people don’t like to warm up and skip it. All the way and then get hurt all the sudden, because they want to hurry up. When you warm up warm up considers using a little bit of stretching exercises, which I’m going to show in the next video. But first of all, I just wanted you to make sense that you have to prepare your body before you are going to do anything which is an exercise. And once you prepare your body, you also have to cool down your body from work. So this is just a completely normal process. Why? Because your muscles needs to be warm before working for injury prevention and getting the best out of it. Most people who get hurt during exercise highly likely they don’t want to go back and exercise again. So in order to make this sustainable and long term, please follow the the warm ups in the proper forms which I’m going to show you.