Introduction to the Course and Your Tutor

Tips and strategies to get you through COVID-19 introduction to the course. So what we’re going to cover in this course is we will look at what we learned in the first lockdown. Look at how to Corona proof your finances, and tips and strategies just to get you through this whole COVID 19 business. So a little bit about me as your course tutor, my name’s Lisa Newton, I did my degree in accounting with marketing. I then did my masters in investment management. I started my own business, my first business in 2004 with 150 pounds, 50 pounds from my mom hundred pounds from my own from from my overdraft. And I started that business in the same month of graduating. And I would say it’s thanks to reading this book there on the screen Rich Dad Poor Dad. And it really was my inspiration. And I hope you can take notes throughout this course I’m going to give you a lot of action points, but there is a downloadable PDF at the end. But do be taking notes as you go along. But this is highly recommended reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. Now what he says in this book is the main reason people struggle financially is because they spent years in school, but learn nothing about money. And the result is that people learn to work from money, but never learned to have money work for them. So that’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the author is Robert Kiyosaki, highly recommend it. It’s available in various languages, and also in audio. So if you’re not a reader, I’m sure you can get it on YouTube highly recommended in terms of being self employed. Bearing in mind, having never had a full time nine to five job ever always worked for myself. In some form of over, I’ve had to set targets for myself in the business or in whatever business I wrote. And doing that I had to work on my own steam never actually had a one to one coach, although I have been part of mastermind circles, which were extremely useful. Because a lot of planning and goal setting that goes into running a business. Some people are very technical, they think they’ve got the technical skills, but when in a business requires planning as well. There’s a lot of working from home and working alone. And what people are finding nowadays, finding is that even if they’re not starting their own business due to things changing, they’re having to work from home and work on to their own steam and initiative. And not everyone finds that an easy thing to adjust to. So I always had to get stuff done. So I had to be very motivated, very disciplined. Over the years I’ve won awards been on radio and TV, met various people. And I’ve written a variety of books, various books, and in being able to write these books. And people have asked me oh my gosh, how did you manage to do that? Just being disciplined is getting things done. Sometimes it’s just locking yourself away and doing what has to be done. So it’s unpleasant sometimes at the time, but the results when you get it is worth it. Now I do appreciate the 2020 has been one of those years and I’ve got to say for myself, I was in the Caribbean when New Year’s Day and yet looking forward to 2020 as we go do not mean new decade New Start new new, whatever. And I think I was at a lot of people. And then three months later, here we are fighting in the aisles. Not me exactly. But you know, I saw these people in fighting over toilet roll, no hand sanitizer on the shelf, and basically empty shelves. So what a year so far. And there’s been lots of memes out there that are quite funny. I think you know, everyone 2020 is my year COVID-19 comes along and says Guess what? What, at the end of the day, it’s here to stay. So let’s just let’s just get this over and done with right now. So there is a virus on the loose parently think there’s different strains. So they’re not sure how many strains they’ve identified so far, I think at least six are more virulent than others. And you can try and press the pause button and hope that this will all sort of go away. But it’s unlikely to if you look back in history and any other pandemics they last for several years. So it’s here to stay at the end of the day and I just want to say to you know, don’t give up. Stay focus Stay positive, stay strong, this is going to be a bit. This is just my opinion, bit of a mental endurance test. Okay? Got to live with it. Okay. So some people are pinning their hopes on them finding a cure them being the scientists or the doctors or whoever. And some would say, well, actually they’ve got treatments are there. So doctors have said that, you know, they have been able to suppress the symptoms and people have lived. Some people are just convinced, oh my gosh, you know, this thing is just going to kill us all. And you know, it’s all doom and gloom. But I would just say to you here, and now we have to stay positive. Stay strong, stay focused, and learn how to live with it. That’s what I would say. So what we shall cover in this course, we’ll look at what we learned in the first lockdown. How to Corona improve your finances. We keep talking a lot about pivoting. We’ll look at pivoting. Not not dancing, as a ballerina. But pivoting as in, in business in life, that sort of thing. And we’ll look at tips and strategies to get you through COVID-19