Introduction to the Course

Higher classify your content. But the simple truth is that one of the best ways to convert your ideas your book into a profitable venture is to turn it into a course online abusers approach in many ways, and in 2012, I launched my first course online on how to podcast for podcasters and beginners, and it’s all well and and in the past couple of months up about six courses online, all available on my website. So for content creators, like you and I, one of the best avenues to use for selling digital goals is using a course attending your idea concept into a course, which is more profitable than selling single ebooks online. So the point is that you don’t need to have a book before you create a course. All that you need is an idea. Kill, to share the market an idea and a skill to share with the markets or something that people will need is going to solve a problem for someone good to meet the needs, what strategies and able to simplify the steps in the process so that lenez can learn or benefits out of the costume industry. They of course have our award laid out. So that’s all you need to start an online course nibm a skill and a hungry audience for it so you’re ready. Let’s get started on how to turn your ideas your concept into an online course is more profitable. So I wish you the best as you take the first lesson on turning your idea your cause your existing book into an online course.