Hi, I’m Johnny John. Welcome to the course self blessings. In this course you will be learning a technique to develop self acceptance at a deeper level of the mind. Now, developing self acceptance may not sound like a powerful thing to do, but it has in fact, the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. You see, the truth is that we have infinite potential to be to express ourselves and to correct when we are in the state of self acceptance. We are living that truth. But when we are in a state of self rejection, self criticism, self judgment, we are going against that truth. When we tell ourselves that we should be like this will like that. When we criticize ourselves when we underperform. creates a lot of problems of the mind. Limitations confusions fears, self judgment. This course will teach you a technique called the self placings where we’ll help you to develop self acceptance will help you to transform and release the state of self rejection within. You see, if we look deep within, we will find that we have things that we cannot accept ourselves about things that we reject ourselves. So take this course for a journey of self discovery and self transformation. This course is perfectly suitable for those who always experienced self criticism when they underperform for people who experience fears, expressing their honest opinions around people. Take this course to develop self confidence, self support, self acceptance Now the outline of this course is simple. In the next section, we will learn about how the mind works in relation to suffering and how to transform it. This will help to give us a clearer understanding of the journey ahead. Then we will learn an unique technique called self blessings. Through the technique you will be able to transform the state of suffering states of self rejection into self acceptance into happiness.