Introduction to Online Resources

Hello, I’m Ross Maynard, and I’ve always had an interest in our driveways. I’ve created this course, to show you the online resources that are available to research, old driveways, and other historic locations in the UK. We’ll look at the old maps available on the National Library of Scotland website, which is a wonderful resource. The Ordnance Survey published their first series of maps covering the whole of the UK in the 1880s. And the National Library of Scotland has digitized all of these maps and made them available to the public. They’ve also digitized a future series have always, always maps right through to the 1960s. That means it’s possible to view the changes in the landscape or at a location over time. This course will show you how to use the online maps to identify the roots of old driveways and other historic items. The course will also look at several other online information resources are available about the old railways and other historic structures. The course is aimed at researching railways and other historic sites in the UK. Other countries are not covered. But if British history is your thing, I think you’ll find this course useful. Thank you very much for watching.