1. Introduction to Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny john. So we owe in the pursuit for happiness, whether it is to pursue a particular skill, what particular go to become famous to become rich well in the pursuit for happiness in one way or the other. Now today, I want to share with you the most enlightening thing that I have found on my own journey of pursuing happiness. That is, we can’t be truly happy. If we do not address the suffering side, down happiness side of the equation. We have to address the suffering states of the mind to create greater happiness. You see, I was born with a lot of fears, and those fears prevented me from experiencing happiness. One of the biggest fears I had when I was young, was the fear of being around people. So whenever someone tried to talk to me, I would just shy away So I would experience fear, and then regret afterwards for not having talked to them. So it was like this day in, day out. I remember the painful feelings of regret the painful feelings of fear of limitation. Even after university, this carried on fear and regret showing shying away from people. So I didn’t have many friends, the worst thing I realized my future wasn’t looking too good. The worst thing I realized the importance of addressing the suffering states for mind the issues of the mind, to create greater happiness and life. Now, the other thing that I learned on my own journey of pursuing happiness, as the better half learned, is the cause of suffering, because it is by knowing the cause of a problem there, we can solve it. Meditation helped me greatly on this journey of discovery, because it helped me to develop the self awareness, I needed to know how the mind worked. gradually over time, I realized that every time I was experiencing the suffering states of the mind and happiness, whether it is fear, whether it is anger and patience, negativity, I was in a state of rejection. For instance, when I was in, for instance, when you’re in fear, you’re rejecting an lt experience. When you hate someone, when you experience anger, you are rejecting someone well yourself. So I call this state, this state of self rejection because to the deeper mind, everything is the self. And after discovering the cause of my sufferings, I began to realize the ways to increase it, to transform it and that is through developing self acceptance. And so over time, I began to release my fears. As I transformed my mind, my life became to change because I began to take opportunities rather than avoid them. You know, in the past, I used to think I had bad luck. That’s why I was unhappy. But I was simply because I wasn’t taking enough action. You see, if we do not address the inner limitations inside, no matter how many opportunities come our way, we’re just avoided. So in the next few videos, I will be talking to you about the cause of suffering, which are the negative ideas, the ideas that we have, which promotes the state of self rejection so that you have a clearer idea to how on how to address your suffering states of the mind. So I’ll see you soon.