1. Introduction to Amazon FBA Listing Optimization Course With Helium 10

Hey there, welcome to the introduction video of my free helium 10 listing optimization course in this course, you’ll learn step by step how to create a fully optimized listing on Amazon with the aid of helium 10 set of tools. I will now explain what the course is about and why is it good for you, I’ll also introduce myself to you and throw in some extra free bonuses. Finally, I will explain you what exactly is covered in the course. So please stay with me until the end of the video. Now if you don’t have helium 10 yet, you can create a free helium 10 account by clicking on the link in description down below. And there you also find discount coupons for Hilton. So having a fully optimized listing gives you more exposure, better conversions and ordering more and more sales on Amazon and profits. Having an optimized listing works the other way but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve put a lot of efforts into the creation of the scores for it to be easy to understand and easy to follow. Most importantly, it’s packed with tons of practical information that allows your Amazon business to grow. It’s great for Amazon sellers in all stages of Their journey beginners, advanced sellers, and even those who are about to start in journeys on Amazon. It’s gonna be good for you guys as well. But why should you listen to me? And who am I? Well, hey again, my name is Vova and I’ve been selling on Amazon since late 2016 with over 40,000 units sold, and over $600 in sales under my belt, no ambos nor a millionaire but I’m an Amazon seller just like you and I’m in the Amazon trenches with you. Also, I have a big passion for doing my best for those who come in contact with me. I really love teaching and also I love freedom I love living life on my own terms and conditions are also really love inspiring others to live their lives on their own terms and conditions. I hope that I’ll be able to have a positive impact on you and hopefully even inspire you for doing something great anyhow, in this course I promise to do my absolute sincere best for you. If you ever have any question please feel free to comment under the videos I’ll make sure to answer you and give you a full and detailed answer. The course is hundred percent free no upsells or anything. So what will we covered in the course one I’ll show you what makes a great listing great and the science behind it will cover things like keyword density, keyword, relevancy, click through rate, CTR conversion rating and general keyword ratings and much more to you learn how to do a proper and deep keyword research for your listing three, you’ll learn how to analyze your competitors for deep keyword research and also finding secret keywords that they’re ranking for for you learn how to uncover rare and less saturated keywords for your listing to drive extra sales five, you learn how to write your listing correctly, will feel the title, the bullets, the description and the back end as well. Six you’ll learn how to index your listing and what to do if you can’t index parts of your listing. You also uncover and discover tons of secret unheard of tips, tricks and hacks that will help you get more sales, better conversions and create a dynamite listing. Drop a comment. Let me know what you think about this. give some feedback, some ideas I’d be glad to hear from you. thank you a lot for watching today and see you in my next video.