I’d like to welcome you to this course on becoming a social worker for over 40 years now, started off in residential childcare went from there to field social work. I’ve also been involved in hospital social work in a team manager, training officer, lecturer in Social Work professor of social work. But for over 20 years now, I’ve had what I call a portfolio career, which basically means I’m self employed and do all sorts of different things. So I’ve been involved in running training courses, and then the country and from time to time outside the country as well. I’ve been involved in acting as an advisor or a consultant to various organizations, I do expert witness work, which means advising the courts on social work and social care issues. I’m also involved very heavily in the publishing world have written a number of books, and act as an advisor to publishers from time to time. I’m also involved in developing e learning resources, online courses like this one. And I also run an online learning community, which is a sort of a online tutorial group for social workers and others involved in the people professions. But enough about me on to the more important topic, this course. Why have I developed this course? Well, basically, because over the years, so many different people have asked me about becoming a social worker asked me what’s involved, how did they apply? What are the things that they need to be aware of the sort of do’s and don’ts and so on. So rather than keep telling people that information over and over again, I thought it would be helpful if I put together a short course like this one, which explains what’s involved. So that’s exactly what’s happened. The courses in five sections or lessons, as I like to call them, each one covering a different aspect of the process you need to go through to get from where you are now, to the end results you want to have been qualified and registered social worker. I hope you’ll find it helpful. I hope it’ll help you to decide whether or not you want to be a social worker. And if you decide that you still want to be a social worker, then I hope it’ll help you take that process of forward. So gives a course your full attention and I’m sure you’ll benefit from it. Thank you.