Hello, my name is Dr. Lisa Nicole folden. I am a licensed physical therapist, and a naturopathic lifestyle and mom coach. I am the owner of healthy fit physical therapy and wellness consultants in Charlotte, North Carolina. And I’ve been in practice about eight years. I’ve been a physical therapist for 13 years and I have been doing mom life and naturopathic Lifestyle coaching for the last five years. Today’s course is entitled meal prep one on one the basics. If you are someone who was hoping to incorporate meal prepping into your daily life, to make things run smoother, or improve the nutrition of you for you and your family, then this course is for you. You’re going to learn a few things in this course, you’re going to learn step one, how to plan and prepare for your meal prep days, we’re going to talk about the resources out there that are available to you so that meal prep can be more of a seamless activity for you and your family. Step two, the second thing that you’re going to learn about Gathering the food and ingredients, so that you can make meal prep a seamless process that doesn’t take a lot of time or cost you a lot of money. And again, there are tons of resources out there for you to make this process go a little smoother. And then the last thing that you’re going to learn is how to set up and cook and prep for your actual meal prep day. There is a way to make meal prep more of an enjoyable activity so that you’re not spending five to six hours in the kitchen and dreading it and not really looking forward to it. So if that sounds like something that interests you, please click the button below and sign up for this course and I look forward to working with you.