The program helps you to learn to refocus, and stay focused via breath observation, objective observation based on a 2.500 years old introverted meditation,- vipassana -, (

The second part of each meditation teaches one fundamental emotion, feeling/ vibration of love. Long term sustained change in your behavior depends on teaching your body these feelings on a cellular level.

Genuine Acceptance and gratitude, contentment and abundance, forgiveness, letting go, patience and calm, courage, self-esteem, self-trust, peace and harmony, deserving, happiness, joy, respect, acknowledgment, compassion, care, etc. are all based your body learning these vibrations.

Hello there friends, Dr. Xu here welcoming you on my meditation course it’s a seven day course, which I am bringing it for you now. She’s available now here for you. So let’s get started with the work. I will explain everything inside the course. So have a happy, happy course to start tackling, transforming your fears, your anxieties, your depressions, your panics and whatever is this difficult situation bringing now and whatever is happening in your life. Let’s get a little peace and harmony. See you on the course. Bye bye.