Hello, thank you very much for spending time with me. I’m Nick, I’ll be your instructor for this. Let’s get straight into it. So you want to disappear, stress, right and anxiety. That’s why you’re here. Great. Okay, I’m going to tell you something, it’s really easy. It’s actually very simple. It’s very straightforward is just a matter of recognizing how to do it, and then applying it. It’s really that simple. And, look, the goal of this course is by the end of it, you don’t have to worry about anything coming up because you’ll have the inner knowingness in a certainty that you can handle it, that it’s not a big deal, you can easily handle whatever arises. So with that said, mind, I’ll get straight into it. So normally when stress arises, or any sort of anxious feeling, and we can call us any some something that’s not peaceful, right, anything that’s not peaceful, something we don’t really want. Well, there’s our first hint, usually we don’t want it and so we try to push it over. Or maybe we try to distract ourselves distracting ourselves very popular in this culture in this society. So straightaway, we avoid the thing, we, we resist it, we resist it. And that’s what we’re going to work with on this course. So really all you have to actually understand is that all you have to do is allow it to be there as it is without trying to change it. So you go one at going the opposite direction that is popular. You just flip it, and you you invite more of the thing you’re experiencing. And we’ll go into that we’ll go into that more later. You invite more of it, rather than less of it, you invite more of it, rather than less of it, you will allow it to be as it is, rather than resisting it. You let go of your will fullness to try to make it different and you get into that point of acceptance of how things are. And the thing is that these are they’re not really doing things right Don’t do anything. There’s not a checklist you do. These are all inner choices. These are choices that you make. And that’s all they are. It’s just the willingness, not the willfulness, but the willingness to be with things as they are. That’s all it is. So let’s say a stressful feeling arises, normally we run away from it. In this case, what we want to do is get to a point where we’re just willing to be with that feeling. However it is. We’re willing to just ride it out, experience it out. Okay. That is what we’re interested in. So we want to help grasp, help make it clear to the mind which is elusive and doesn’t like simple things. We want to make clear on, on that’s all we have to do. So it’s a really simple cause. And Darren, let’s simplicity for you, because it really is that simple. It really is that simple. All you have to do is actually be that way. So you actually just got to be that way be that one who is willing to be with things as they are, and let go of trying to change them, trying to exert any willpower, over how things are being experienced. So it’s really becoming one with the thing, rather than separating yourself from it, and pushing it trying trying to push it away. Because resistance doesn’t work, does it? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Okay, so that’s the first video. Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself. Thank you for choosing me as your instructor. Appreciate it and I’ll see you in the next video.