Welcome to the course, this is Dr. Zsu. And I like to give you a little bit of an introduction, why should you exercise? Why not? Why? Because feeling depressed is better? I don’t think so. So if you want to get your mood better, and you never know how to exercise, this is for you. So come, let me take you step by step. And why should you learn from me, I have three masters and a PhD. I’m also an NLP coach. I’m in physical education, exercise physiology, and Clinical Nutrition and nutrition is my for trade. And beside the fact that I spent 15 years in elite sports and in training. So now this is an important background because today I’m able to bring you something very simple in a little course, where you can learn about your body, about your muscles, you know where they are, I mean, you should know that and each and every one of them needs specific exercises. And there are a lot of myths which are out there. So you should know that I have Want to bring you all that knowledge, and also how to exercise strengthen each and every muscle on your body, which is largely important for you how to make a workout which is condensed, which you can do simply anywhere. So we’re going to start with your human body as learning about it, then we’re going to move into what to do in the gym. Maybe you want to exercise in the gym, sometimes, you want to know how to use the equipments properly, how to do the proper forms, I’m going to show you all that you’re gonna learn it here. And there are days when you want it to exercise at home or you don’t have a gym access or anything. Then this is the time when we learn to exercise at home with simple things just like the fitness bar. And what else a little bit of dumbbells if you don’t have dumbbells, you can use simple water bottles for that. Now, whatever you do, make sure that you go step by step through the course do the quizzes, because I want to test you how you know it step by step You know you’re going to have a great workout. So let us get started and putting it all together. Let me show you how it’s done. Thank you