Hello, this is Jane Miller with find your encore. And in this module we’re working on the introduction. And the introduction is really designed to help you with a launching off point. You know you’re going to figure out where you are, where you want to get to and what are the gaps in between. And then in the further modules will work to find clarity and create goals and vision around what you’re looking to do in your encore. Then we’ll make some decisions and create a commitment to launch the Encore that you’ve designed. And then in the third module, we’ll learn to more fully live your encore by mastering your mind and improving yourself have also been in module four, we’re really going to fall in love with our new encore so that we can multiply the results and put it on autopilot. So we can do this with ease and flow. But for now, back to the introduction. So what I found is whether you’re planning a new chapter for your retirement, your career, maybe you’re starting a new business, a little hustle on the side to make some cash, perhaps you’re wanting to repair or creating new relationships, releasing weight, anything really, that you’ve been dreaming of. And we’re so glad that you’re here. Now you have a dream inside of you, and know that you have the ability to make it happen, you really do. And imagine finally believing in yourself. Imagine stepping up to the plate with a mentor at your side, a coach walking with you step by step and helping you to take that full swing at life. So I wanted to start with a brief discussion about purpose. When we first started talking about this find your encore course, I knew that you know, as an encore, seeker, career changer and baby boomer myself that, you know, I understand the firsthand challenges in figuring out what is next on your life path. And then how to stick with it to you know, finally reach the target and the approaches really that we’re looking for fulfillment of purpose. We Want to use our strengths and talents and use our potential that we know is there. And though we want to guard our time commitment, and we’d like to have some financial confidence on the side. So, with purpose, here’s what we need to know. You know, humans aren’t alone in having purpose. Everything in nature is always expanding or evolving towards their own fulfillment. So, take take a bee a bee wants to pollinate flowers and trees, a plant produces oxygen, and a cloud forms to release rain. It’s their purpose. However, unlike plants and other living things, you know, the creatures don’t get to decide what their purpose is, right? And that’s the difference. You and I don’t have to accept the environment that we been put in. And we have the unique ability to create our reality through our thoughts. So instead of then the whole species having the same purpose which may be do reproduce. It’s up to the individual, each individual to decide and discover whatever their purpose is. The problem is we get so bogged down with our daily activities and obligations, that we’re not aware of the unique life purpose that’s easily shrouded in. We just aren’t aware of what we could be. But you know, when you don’t know your purpose, it comes with consequence. You may have a continuing sense of frustration. Maybe it’s boredom, you feel a little off track. You think maybe it’s the other people in your life. So make sure that you’re clear on that. This, and many people confuse purpose with their goals and desires, and that there’s really a distinct difference. So over the course of your lifetime, you know, you’ll have a succession of desires and goals. But purpose is deeper than this. It’s more permanent than any goal. And it’s really your reason for living. So let’s say that you want to write a book and you make it a goal to do so. The thought of it excites you because maybe you can get well known help some people make some money. Although doing so would be a terrific accomplishment. It really doesn’t give you a reason to stay alive a reason to get out of bed in the morning. So is a purpose love? Well, people who discover their purpose use their mental emotional, their creative energies. And they can develop a skill and talent that they love. You know, when you give yourself to something that you genuinely love, it calls forth your spirit. It makes you happier, more fulfilled, and you feel like you’re more in sync with your inner self and with your outer environment. Now, action is really where we’re going to get the results. So I know I know, it’s not always easy to you know, think your way into finding your purpose. You know, if you’re too much into your head, it just may be too difficult for you, but you can act your way into it. Remember, I remember the one of the first personal development books that I read was by Dr. Joyce brothers. It was called active If. So, the more that we act on a thing, the clearer we become on it. So while you’re working on discovering your purpose, take action. Whatever you’re doing at the moment, whether it’s your next chapter your encore or not, do it the best that you can get it all that you’ve got. So instead of worrying about, you know, is this going to work out? Am I going to be able to make any money at it? What should I do? Just try it. Just start dip your toe and go wherever your thoughts may lead you. It’ll help you to just get out of your own way. So this experience of you know, doing the best that you can do, or dipping your toe and trying things just for their their own sake can be their own reward and it And you’ll find clarity as you take these steps. Now, one thing to guard against is don’t waste your time. I used to investigate things that people would bring to me and they, you know, say, here’s this opportunity, this is really great. And I would do them even though they didn’t interest me, maybe just to be nice, and go to presentations and spend my time. Don’t do that. That’s a waste of your precious time. Now, when you do feel a pull towards an activity, an idea or an opportunity that involves something that you’re interested in, something that you love, pursue it vigorously and pursue it fully. And then pay attention to the feedback that you’re getting the feedback from within and without, so that way, you can check your actions along the way, you know, and Again, if you specifically infuse your thoughts, with love for what you’re engaging in, the positiveness that will come will really help you. And, you know, are there folks in your life that you need to send love to? Perhaps those in your life that you’re acting, interacting with, will see the difference as well. Now, there was a Sufi spiritual leader and he described the pull of purpose, like a magnet that steadily pulls you towards the goal. And let me read to you what he has said on this idea of purpose. One may suddenly think during the night I must go to the north, and in the morning, he sets out on his journey. He does not know why he does not know Know what he’s to accomplish when he gets there, he only knows that he must go. He doesn’t know why he does not know what he is to accomplish there. But he goes, going there you find something that he has to do. And he sees that it was the hand of destiny, pushing him toward the accomplishment of the purpose, which inspired him to go north in the first place. I find that people who set out to go north and discover their life purpose, you know, end up living their lives and bliss and service and they recognize that they’re hard wired to do something specific. And that once they do their talent and their potential skills just blossoms when they do and I think that’s part of our encore what we’re after. So are you ready to go north? Are you ready to let that magnet pull you? I promise that it’ll be the ride of your life and I want you to enjoy Your travels and begin with this introduction, we are going to look a little deeper again into where you’re starting from, where you want to go and what is in between what are the gaps and what are the steps. So the next lesson is going to be all about answering questions so that you can come up with a personalized, a very personalized plan. And you know, don’t worry about the how for now, we’ll work on that later. only worry about considering who you are now, who you want to become and where you want to go. So I want you to have fun with this. So are you ready? Let’s go find your encore. This is Jane Miller.