And welcome to a course on punch fear in the face and in your life. Fear is the most powerful, negative four letter word in the history of mankind and it has influenced a person’s life more than anything else. There are more that is happening due to fear that that is happened because of accidents and natural disasters. Every single day person is fear more than what you can expect and fear is killing him. Normally, like anything else, and he dies many times before it’s really before we go into understanding fear, let me just start a story which would make you help, what fear is all once there was an old video what’s going on a very long journey but know that of the day it was almost it is going to be nighttime in this part was getting darker and darker as he progress. But this traveler started working very fast in order to reach his destination. Suddenly, his feet last fall off the path and he started slipping down this mountain various clavering out of sheer luck or by God’s grace, this person got called out of branch and he started hanging. He was shouting like anything for help but no helping come because it was a lonely place and it was our ICT. This traveler was feeling very frustrated and very afraid the moment he leaves office, and he made fall of this mountain and this Indian might was a big nightmare. What to do even though you variedade in the shoulders were on painting, he still got all of this branch and it was hanging out. up to some point of time, the night has become over and the sun’s rays started shining slowly. He was getting up getting to be the spirit traveler just looked down, he was surprised with what he saw. And he was laughing at himself. Just a few inches below his feet, there was a globe, it just speed it will be deeper hold of this drone and he could have spent a good night over there. But ultimately it was fear just made him to catch hold of this practice. The moral of the story is you can live on life getting hold of this branch, or you can just go into the little bit into the fear and just start talking in unison, your journey. This is the most important thing I want you to understand. You might have heard many great things that go stand in the face of fear or face fear like anything else do not give in to fear. But the most important thing that I all want you to understand this, whatever you resist, internal persist, if you start fighting fear, this fight or the bar that you waged against fear will be endless. It is better that you just start thinking and understanding about fear because when you understand about something, you will definitely find a solution for this. This course is really about understanding fear. Welcome to this journey. Have you know about myself. I am a sales engineer who has a 10 years of experience I work in many multinational corporations in India. I am a person who’s engineer by profession and A lot of a passion. I am so interested in people that wanted to pursue my career in the field of sales. reason I started this courses I myself was a victim of fear for a great deal in my life, I was a person was continuously depressed, faced many panic attacks and anxiety in my journey of my life. So I started so I really want to start this course. I made this course as simple as it turns out to be each and every chapter will have a beautiful story. I want you to understand the story learns more on way in depth. And whenever you face in a fearful situation, I want you to take hold of the stories and the questions that has been asked in this chapter. What are you still waiting on in draw to find out more? Thank you and meet in the next video. Bye bye