Welcome to beat procrastination, the new three step formula to totally obliterate procrastination from your life. I have a question for you Do you find yourself not doing what you know you should be doing. You make it to do it, but can’t get yourself to sit down and get it done. You want to go to the gym, but you stay glued to the couch watching Netflix you write down your goals, but then find yourself making zero progress. We’ve all been there, procrastination is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. And unless you do something about it, it’ll eat your dreams, your hopes, your wishes for breakfast. Unless you learn how to beat procrastination, you’ll always be performing and only a tiny fraction of your potential. And my question is, How much longer do you need to wait until you decide to finally beat this vicious enemy? By the way, if you don’t know who I am, my name is Brandon Hakeem, and I’m the founder of insider When I was in college, I was so frustrated with what I was learning that I went to the Dean of my university and said, I feel like we’re getting an outdated education. I then discovered that anyone who’s achieved anything beyond mediocrity, knew things you never learned in school, they were insiders, and that the answer to any problem you could ever face is written about somewhere in a book. So I made it my mission to find the answer to life’s biggest problems, and bring them to you in a way that’s short, simple, and actionable. That’s why I made this class. I looked at my friends, my family, my students, and myself, and wondered, why do we all know what to do, but can’t get ourselves to do it? So I went looking for the answers. I dove through book after book on everything from human psychology, to productivity hacks, to goal setting, to human motivation, to finally crack the code. Because no one teaches us this stuff. We don’t learn it in school, we don’t learn it from our parents, we don’t learn it from society. And so I’m proud to say you’re finally going to get the answers in this online class. Speaking of which, before we go any further, I’ve also created a free bonus resource for you, that comes with the class three times a week, I’ll send you a two minute email with actionable lessons from the best books, I’m reading tools, and tricks that will help you take everything you learned to even the next level. To take me up on this. Just go to insider Slash time. Anyway, the promise of this class is that by the end of it, you’re going to be able to finally get over this procrastination dragon and be able to look back at the end of every day and say, today, I got done exactly what I wanted to get done. Here’s exactly how we’re going to do that. You see, I see procrastination, like a big fire breathing dragon that can eat your dreams for lunch. How are we? How are we going to beat this dragon? First, you need to become the type of person who can show up on the battlefield and execute. So in part one, you I’ll show you the five elements of becoming the type of person who beats procrastination easily and effortlessly and show you exactly what to do to develop each one of those elements this week. Second, you need to make sure you have the proper nutrition to give you the strength and clarity of mind to be able to slay the dragon. So in this section, I’ll show you the five habits and rituals you can develop that will make it almost impossible to ever procrastinate again, I’ll also show you how to develop each end make sure you stay on track. Third, you need a plan for the battlefield. This is where I’ll give you the personal weekly, and daily planner that I use specifically designed to help make procrastination a thing of the past. And I’ll show you exactly how to use it. But here’s the really exciting part. This isn’t a class designed just to give you information. No, I believe that knowledge without execution is useless. So this is a step by step implementation guide, where you’ll be asked to take action on what you’re learning as you go through it. And that means that you can come back to this class again and again, and have me guide you through how to take action on it whenever you want to strike this procrastination dragon with another blue. The more you come back to this beat procrastination class, the more you’ll find yourself beating procrastination for good, ready to get started. Let’s do that. In the The next video