Welcome to the burnout course. My name is Michael Levitt and I am the chief burnout officer of the breakfast Leadership Network. design this course because burnout is impacting every walk of life. And with the covid 19 pandemic, we’re starting to see a lot of working from home burnout because this work life balance thing that people have been trying to find for decades. One is not possible in two, the lines are getting blurred even more because your workplace in your home happened to be the same place in many instances. So the lines are getting blurred and people are stressing out faster than ever before. Studies have shown that since the pandemic, the average American worker is working 20% more than they did before the pandemic started and people were working long hours before. So this is a huge problem for people. This course is going to talk to you about burnout and The letters that spell burnout each have a different meaning in this course, so there’s going to be several sections that will highlight that starting off with boundaries. And that is a crucial component. And oftentimes boundaries are missing in people’s lives, which creates scenarios that will, quite frankly, lead you to that road to burnout. And it’s the last road you want to take. I know personally from my own journey, which we’ll share in the course, from here, they’re not all the time. But ultimately, the goal of this course is to give you enlightenment of what burnout is, what it can do too, and ultimately what you need to do to prevent it from happening. So I hope you enjoy the course be well