Hi there, and a very warm welcome into the billion to and madbright guide to making high quality courses rapidly. My name is Paul Jenkins and I’m gonna be your instructor for the next hour or hour and a half as we go through a system that I’ve developed over 30 years of filmmaking, and six years of online course instructing, and also running a business in that area. So hang on to your hats, this is going to be I hope, at least this is going to be an insight into a cost making methodology that you may not have come across before and that I hope will greatly lift a number of the burdens and hang ups you might have that might stand in your way of making your best course. So let’s kick off first of all with a little bit of an introduction. And this is going to be quite wild and wooly, this, you know, I’m going to be kind of floating around this map and making mistakes. I’m going to be making some fluffs in the presentation. And indeed, that’s a core part methodology, as we’ll dig into a little bit later on, but let’s kick off first of all with a little bit of a welcome. And, you know, let’s outline what this course will actually do for you. Yeah, basically, why bother taking it? Why bother being here? Why bother studying it? Why bother listening to me? Why bother thinking about implementing what it is I’m going to teach you in this course. And then the second thing we’re going to do in introduction, is take a look at some prerequisites, some stuff you’re going to need to have, but it’s not any physical equipment or set up Yeah, in terms of classical angles, and cameras and microphones and all that stuff. Actually, prerequisites is also very much in terms of an attitude and the mindset that will carry you through really high quality course production in a in a way that’s very natural and very flowing. And indeed, pretty much in a way in which I’m doing right now, inside this course, that’s what I’m going to be teaching you. But it’s essentially it’s a combination of concepts. And rules and approaches, and then some very down and dirty kind of practical stuff, practical, gritty details that’s going to help get you through the course making jungle. It’s going to help you basically get your stuff actually action. Yeah. But people always ask, you know, what’s in it for me? Yeah, well, let’s, let’s just address those. First of all, in this course, you’re going to learn, as I say, a methodology to learn high quality and rapid course production. Now, some people are going to tell you that this is simply not possible. It’s not possible to make something of quality quickly. they resist the idea that things can be flowing and natural and quick, and they have a kind of natural inclination towards the idea that you know, there has to be sort of artistic and creative and maybe even a kind of quasi scientific struggle to actually get stuff ideated and researched and mapped out and instructional designed and taught carefully and you know, taught perfectly And that’s even before you get into the editing. Yeah. And so there is definitely a kind of school of thought out there, which tends to be in the instructional design world. But that may be really unfair to those guys, but it tends to be there, which is really caught up with a tremendous amount of theory and detail and sequencing and everything else. And while that might work for some types of courses, and some types of environments, or some types of professional training, and so forth, very honestly, when it comes to most online course making most of the stuff that’s designed for marketplaces or indeed for your own platforms, or your own site, or YouTube or whatever it might be, what really matters is to be able to ideate research, teach structure, soft stuff together, put stuff across with enthusiasm, have an awareness of what’s going on the other end of the webcam, and actually basically create an online course that carries people through them. cereal in an inspirational and motivational way. And one that actually gives them an educational and entertainment experience through the life of the course that you’re doing that actually delivers a result that they were there to actually get in the first place. Yeah, that’s really what it’s about. And that’s why that’s what marks out a quality course from a course that’s boring. humdrum, doesn’t inspire. It may be perfectly constructed, but it’s dull as dishwater and it doesn’t actually get a result the students will value.